Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hail to the Chiefs

Yes, I know it had been a while since I've posted. Bear with me folks, it was finals week at St. John's. All that matters is that I'm back, and so are the posts. Today I wanted to change up the pace, and feature an NFL team. In light of that, here on TFD, we have the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs, who are in their 50th season of play, originated as one of the first AFL teams prior to the leagues merger with the NFL. Way back in 1960, the team that we now know as the Chiefs, started out as the Dallas Texans. The team relocated a short 3 seasons later to Missouri, where they are currently experiencing a renaissance of great play. Through their first 13 games, the team is 8-5, and currently in first place in the AFC west. They're looking to capture their first division title since 2003, and their first Championship since way back in 1969 in Superbowl 4. The acquisition of quarterback Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots a few seasons ago, has really set the tone for victory in Arrowhead Stadium. Arrowhead has been the Chiefs home since 1972, seats a crowd of over 81,000, and is considered to be the one of the greatest home field advantages in the NFL. The Cap featured above is a Reebok cap that I picked up in the Kansas City are a few years back, when I went to watch a Royals game next door. The cap has a pinwheeled red and yellow design for the crown with the Chiefs primary logo centered, and a red brim. Maybe the Chiefs can hold on to their winning ways for a few more weeks, and carry the momentum into the playoffs. The sea of red at Arrowhead Stadium had been waiting a long time for a resurgence like this, and with good reason. You can find all your Chiefs merch at the link below, which will take you to the team store. 6 weeks 'til the Superbowl in Dallas!

Chiefs Shop:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deep in the heart of Texas

Yippie kiyay everyone, happy Tuesday! Today as you can see, The Fitted Diaries will be featuring the oldest Texas based MLB team, the Houston Astros. The 'Stros, as some call them, have been a part of big league baseball since the early 1960's. Prior to the name change we are all accustomed to, the club was known as the Houston Colt .45s (Possibly the greatest team name ever). For 3 seasons, from 62-64, the club played at (drumroll please for the big surprise) Colt Stadium. With the Change in team name, so came the change of baseball as we knew it; the significance of this being that the so called eighth wonder of the world, the Astrodome, was opened. The Astrodome, which hasn't seen baseball action since the conclusion of the 1999 MLB season, was the first ever domed baseball venue in the world. The park could fit somewhere around 54,000 fans for a full game. During the "Dome" era if you will, the club managed to pick up two NL Western Division titles in 1980 and 1986, and three NL Central Division titles in 1997, 1998, 1999. Since the closing of the park, and the opening of the newer Minute Maid Park, the team has had two NL Wild Card Berths coming in 2004 and 2005, the latter of which resulted in the 'Stos reaching the World Series. The team would fall short, and have still never won a World Series Title. The cap shown above features a logo that was used from 1975-1994, which in my opinion might be my favorite one that the club has ever used. The fitted has a navy blue brim and crown, and an orange outline MLB batter logo on the rear. I picked that one up at Minute Maid Park during my visit to Houston in 2006, and I must say that ball park is spectacular. You can find other Astros merchandise at the link posted below to the official team store. Adios!

Astros team store:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Once upon a time

Long long ago, in a place far far away...Just kidding. A few years back, believe it or not, New Jersey had 3 minor league baseball teams to claim as their own. The afore mentioned Blue Claws, Thunder, and the pictured New Jersey Cardinals. The Cardinals have been gone for a little over 5 years but the memories live on. The team was a part of the New York-Penn League from 1994-2005 in which they found themselves in first place at the end of the year only once. Despite their questionable performance, and front office commitment they still had a few great players pass through their ball park doors; some of which are Dan Haren, and Coco Crisp. Today the team has moved from NJ to State College, Pennsylvania where they are now known as the State College Spikes of Pittsburgh Pirates affiliation. It was a short but sweet history in New Jersey which is easily forgotten, but for those of us who remember will always appreciate the tenure of an affiliated club. Teams like the Newark Bears and Somerset Patriots don't nearly have the appeal due to their independent status. This cap features a Cardinal red brim, a navy blue crown, and a Cardinal bird flying left to right with the words New Jersey located above. Unfortunately the only version of this cap that can be found is in alternate colors, but if you can deal with that be my guest and pick it up. See you all tomorrow!

New Jersey Cardinals caps:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

That's Amar'e

Hey everybody, and welcome back. I know it's Sunday night and we're all dreading Monday, so I figured I'd send you off with a "good feel" story. Anyone from the tri-state area, or a general basketball fan knows well and true that the New York Knicks have been awful for quite some time. Ranging from off floor distractions like Stephon Marbury, to lost hopes in the departure of David Lee, Knick fans have had to accept failure despite one of the larger pay rolls in the NBA. Could this wave of anguishing failure be over? Seemingly so, now that coach Mike and his boy Amar'e are reunited all problems have vanished in a New York minute. With Stoudemire averaging nearly 25 points and 9 boards a game, spirits are high during this holiday season for more than one substantial reason. True, it has been almost 40 years since the Knickerbockers of old have found themselves in the winners circle, and fans probably have every right to be skeptical (hear me out), but this could be the real deal folks. The team is 9-1 as of today in their last ten games, and quite personally I can't recall the last occurrence of this feat. True, it is early and things could change quickly, but if everyone stays healthy we've got a contender on our hands. New York is the biggest city in the world, with the greatest fans; now they truly have a basketball team to be excited about. Keep an eye on them, title 3 and conference championship 9 could be on the horizon. The cap shown has a blue brim and crown with the classic Knicks primary logo front and center. You can pick yours up, and other merch like it at the link below. Hope I was able to lighten up your Monday, remember only 19 days 'til Christmas!

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

John Wayne would be proud

Take ten paces, turn, and shoot...That should be the Spurs motto based on how well they're playing this year. Howdy partners, today as you may have already guessed our post will feature the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are off to a red hot start this year despite off court distractions. Eva Longoria or not, Tony Parker is playing like a man possessed. Averaging nearly 17 points and 7 assists a game, Parker has paved the way for the 16-3 start the team has gotten off to. The presence of veterans such as Tim Duncan, Richard Jefferson, and Manu Ginobili haven't exactly hurt their case either. This, however, is no team to consider success a stranger. Since the great ABA/NBA merger in 1976 which saw the addition of the Nets, Nuggets, Pacers, and these very Spurs, the franchise has captured 16 division titles, 4 conference titles, and 4 NBA Championships. From their prestigious yet humble beginnings with players such as George "The Iceman" Gervin in the 70's to the Twin Towers era consisting Of Duncan and Robinson nearly 10 years ago, this club has always had a winning attitude. Some considered the teams recent run a dynasty, a claim which is hard to dispute. The club has had 3 NBA MVP awards won by their players, one by David Robinson in '95, and two by Tim Duncan ('02 and '03); Truly a club with a tradition of victory and a success. Could we be on the verge of witnessing the teams 5th championship year? Possibly, they sure do look unstoppable to this point, I know most NBA fans are excited to see how it plays out. If your from San Antonio and you've been a Spurs fan forever, or you just like the team for what they are now, don't be afraid to show your support. The NBA needs some lovin too, so we don't see the realization of the feared lockout next year. Find your Spurs gear at the link posted below. Happy Saturday everyone!

Spurs gear:

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Gettin' Hot in Herrrrr

Today on The Fitted Diaries, we take a better look at the team which some experts picked to beat the Bulls record for wins in a season this year, The Miami Heat. The Heat, originally an expansion team for the league in 1988, along with the Charlotte Hornets who were featured a couple days ago, have had a decent amount of success in their short history. In their 22 seasons to this point, the club had captured 7 division titles, 1 conference title, and an NBA Championship in 2006 with the great Shaq-Diesel. Now that we've got all that noise out of the way, lets talk about the present and the future. In this past off season, as most of us know, the Heat seemingly had a personality disorder and confused themselves with Team USA. A statement such as this is justifiable as they wrangled stars like LeBron James and Chris Bosh to run the floor with established Heat Star Dwyane Wade. What looked on paper to be potentially the greatest team of all time has gotten off to a somewhat auspicious beginning. After last nights outburst of 38 points by "King James" against his old club the Cavs, many believe they will start to roll with ease. Only time will tell for sure, but it promises to be an entertaining trip along the way. Find all your heat gear including caps at the link below. Whether your with them or against them, you can't argue the fact that there awfully talented and may be the closest any of us will get to reliving  the Bulls teams of the early 1990's.

Heat gear:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Last Stand for a Franchise

Today here at TFD we feature not only for the first time a cap that isn't made by the New Era Cap Company, but we feature the only NBA team to ever start a season 0-18. This Reebok cap, which was limited in production to 1600, is designed in honor of the New Jersey Nets. The Nets, as some of us know, are in their final 2 seasons in the great state of New Jersey, and clearly have no intentions of looking back. I may be one of the few people in this world that will honestly admit that they will miss them. Sure, I'm aware they do not have an NBA Championship, and they only have two Eastern Conference Championships, but dammit, this was my team. If there is anyone out there, who agrees with me in the sense that tearing a franchise from the roots and moving them is just wrong, please comment on this post. It doesn't necessarily need to be the Nets, any team works. The Sonics, The Baltimore Colts decades ago, The Montreal Expos, any team. We all know this thing called sports is a business at the end of the day, but you can't pick who you love, and who loves ya back. The cap featured has a navy blue brim, a white crown, and a navy blue back. On the front, the NBA font logo is shown with the Nets logo displayed on the inside. Get your New Jersey Nets gear while its hot, it'll be all gone before you know it.

Nets shop:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jurassic Dunks

Today's installment on the blog features the lone Canadian NBA team. The Toronto Raptors are the only team north of the US border after the departure of the Vancouver (now Memphis) Grizzlies in 2001. These two franchises were originally meant to be a mainstay in Canada for years to come, but basketball just didn't catch on as well in Vancouver. In any event, the Raptors are in their 15th season of NBA competition and their tenth in the beautiful Air Canada Centre. Prior to 1999, the Raptors played their home games in the Toronto Blue Jays venue the Rogers Centre. Playing in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference is no easy feat for any franchise, let alone a new one. This being the case the team struggled early on, until the arrival of Vinsanity, Vince Carter. As soon as the North Carolina shooting guard showed up, so did fans, and victories. The team found themselves in the playoffs in three of carters first six seasons. since then, the club has won one division title in 2006-2007, but has still yet to win a conference or NBA title. The recent departure of Raptor favorite Chris Bosh to Miami has left the team faceless, and in need of a new leader. Roster players such as Andrea Bargnani, and recently acquired Peja Stojakovic seem to be the call to the need, only time will tell if they will be the answer. Find all your Raptors gear at the link below, and come back tomorrow to see what exciting team will be featured. See you all then!

Raptors gear:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

40 Years of Pain

Today we have a cap which represents a team in LA which many consider second rate...and with good reason. The Los Angeles Clippers are one of two NBA franchises in the southern region of California. The other of course is the mighty Laker franchise which claims 17 NBA titles. The Clippers, which had humble beginnings on the East Coast as the Buffalo Braves, and then later moved to San Diego before their final destination have had little to no success in their existence. In 40 season on competition, the club has never won a division title, never won a conference title, and certainly never won an NBA Championship. In their history, the club only claims 6 winning seasons, the best of which was the 2005-2006 year when the team finished a meager 47-35. Throughout the years and somewhat frequent nomadic status, the team has had 6 different home arenas, and are currently sharing the Staples Center with the afore mentioned Lakers. Kinda makes you ask why not just can the franchise and start over...oh well. Two of the more notable players in the teams history are center Bob McAdoo and center Bill Walton (as his career came to an end),both of which their numbers have been risen to the rafters into retirement. Poor season after poor season, the Clippers racked up picks in the higher end of the draft and now they present a roster worth some optimism. Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, and Eric Bledsoe seemingly represent the future of the club and hold all if any hope in their hands. The Clips are a lackluster 3-15 at this point of the season, but with the performance of those three players of note as of late, success is unavoidable. Keep you heads up Clipper fans, brighter days are ahead. The cap featured, has a blue brim and crown with the NBA man logo on the rear. Centered on the front is the Clippers cursive font logo, with a smaller logo featured inside. You can find all your Clipper gear at the link below, don't be afraid to show your love.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

There success is poison to the rest

For the first post of NBA Week, the team of choice is the New Orleans Hornets. The Hornets, who this season are off to one of their best starts at 12-4, have been a member of the National Basketball Association since the 1988-1989 season. For the first 13 years of the teams life, the bees in blue called Charlotte, North Carolina home until there relocation in 2001. The Franchise, has not had what you would call a ton of success throughout the years, being that they have won zero NBA Championships, zero conference championships, and only one division title coming in 2008. On the other hand, the club does have a few notable individual awards. The hornets have had 2 rookie of the year award winners (Chris Paul, Larry Johnson), 1 Sixth Man award (Del Curry), 1 Coach of The Year winner (Byron Scott), and even an All-Star Game MVP in 1997 (Glen Rice). Even though the Hornets franchise per say might not have an incredible amount of history, The city in which they reside, New Orleans, has had basketball in the past. Long before the Hornets were in Louisiana, The Jazz called it home. During their tenure the clubs most significant player was "Pistol" Pete Maravich, who also was regarded as one of the greatest LSU college basketball players ever. Due to his prestigious history, the Hornets proceeded to retire his number upon their arrival. With players like Chris Paul and David West, the team sure looks to have a bright future with a few championships on the horizon. The big question is will the organization be willing to spend the money necessary? Only time will tell. The cap featured has a teal brim and crown, with yellow sides and backing, with the hornets H logo on the side. Hornets merchandise can be found at the link below. see you all tomorrow with anther great NBA fitted.

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NBA Week

After a short break of writing for the blog due to the elongated Thanksgiving weekend, it is finally time for NBA Week. NBA Week is when TFD selects a few basketball teams to highlight and key you guys in on their past. Check back everyday for a new team, and leave feedback on the ones you like. Enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Royal Flush

If you weren't aware at this point, The Kansas City Royals are still a professional baseball team. This was the official on field cap of the Royals a few years back that the team used as an alternate. As this cap went, so did the only good thing about the team as they were then rendered bad on the field, and boring too. The Royals are a franchise that has been a part of the American League, and Major League Baseball as a whole since 1969 when they were created as an expansion franchise after the Athletics moved west to California in 1967. The team found significant success in KC through its first 15 seasons, winding up in the playoffs 7 times. Finally the boys in blue reached the mountain top that is the World Series for the second time in their history, and won it for their first Championship in 1985. In the 25 or so years since then, the club has dwindled and resided peacefully in the basement of the AL Central. Though the club has developed players as talented as Tom Gordon, Bo Jackson, Johnny Damon, and David Con, they have carelessly either traded them away or released them to the markets of MLB powerhouses without a second thought. Lately the team has seen big signings and high draft picks crap out for lack of a better term amidst high hopes and big wishes of success. The club recently renovated their ballpark, Kauffman Stadium, for the first time since its opening in 1973. This improvement brings the Royals the 2012 All-Star game which hopefully will bring the franchise national attention and return the club to its Regal past in which their namesake bears. The cap shown features a royal blue brim, black crown, and an interlocking white K and C for Kansas City. Please Kansas City, support the team that has served your town for close to 40 years and hey Royals, return the favor. The teams current fitteds can be found at the link below.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Apple Pie, and Baseball, thats what America does.

If only Abner Doubleday could see us now...America is the land of opportunity. Endless potential for jobs, starting families, and achieving great success and fame for doing basically about anything. One of the most profitable jobs in America is as an athlete in one of our fine professional leagues. The one were most familiar with on this blog is of course baseball. Let's take a second to get a better look at our national past times national team. Team USA baseball is nothing new to our country, but as we've mentioned before here at TFD the recent creation of the World Baseball Classic has drawn more national attention to the program. The program, which was started up in the 1978, has competed in past Olympic tournaments and various other competitions. In the afore mentioned World Baseball Classic tournaments, USA had trouble finding their way to the winners circle. They watched twice as Japan claimed the gold on American soil. Maybe in 2013 we can have our dream come to fruition and claim our place at the top. Some of the more notable names currently in the USA Baseball roster as of now are Derek Jeter, Evan Longoria, Jimmy Rollins, Roy Oswalt, and Jake Peavy. There really is no reason why this team should not place first every time. It's a shame they can't wake up and realize this is their sport to dominate. The cap shown which is the official on field cap of the team has a navy brim, navy crown, and and interlocking U and S with a star in silver representing the A. Classic cap that I've bought a couple times due to wear out and will continue to call one of my favorites. Maybe when Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper are ready to don the red, white, and blue we will take more pride in our program and bring home a title. You can find the cap below at the link. Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

No divine intervention needed for these Angels

 Today we have somewhat of a retro cap for the team now known as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The team that has had it's fair amount of success over the past decade most certainly paid their dues to get to where they are at. An expansion team which started in the 1961 season, the halos began play in the West coast version of Wrigley Field in their first year of competition, then spent four years at the home of the other L.A. team Dodger Stadium, all before finally having a home of their own in 1966. After a 38 year period of ownership by old time singing cowboy Gene Autry, the team was purchased in 1997 by the Walt Disney Company. At this time a complete overhaul of the franchise was executed and the club as well as there recently renovated home took on a new look family friendly atmosphere. With this new state of mind, the team got right to business on winning a championship. In their first 38 seasons of life, the team won 3 Western Division titles. Since the change of ownership (including the current Arte Moreno reign), the team has captured 5 AL West titles, a wild card berth, and a World Series Championship. Maybe Disney is really where dreams come true. Despite what may be called a lack of success in the early part of their history, the team sure had it's share of big name players who put up big numbers. A few of the retired Angels numbers are in honor of Nolan Ryan, Rod Carew, and Jim Fregosi. The cap shown above was worn by the Angels during the 1971 campaign and features a red brim, navy crown, and a lowercase "a" n red and outlined in white. Don't forget the golden halo hung on top. Classic cap which I wish they would bring back, but seem to have those years in the rear view mirror for good.

An assortment of Angels caps can be found here, go get one!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yeah. We have uniforms and everything, it's great.

Today's cap features a team that quite possibly may be more known for a 1989 Charlie Sheen comedy, than for their actual history. This is the cap that the Cleveland Indians wore during a three season span between 1974 and 1977. In those three seasons at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the tribe experienced some highs and some lows, but none more notable than the night of the the infamous ten cent beer night. On June 4th in 1974 team management conjured up a scheme to draw a larger crowd than normal due to low attendance issues. The plot: sell 8 ounce beer's for ten cents a cup all night. Sounds like a fun night, but once one or two turned into 47 shit hit the fan. In the ninth inning the surely intoxicated crowd crossed the line as one fan jumped onto the field in efforts to steal a Texas Rangers' fitted cap off of his head. As this occurred, Rangers players came in defense of their teammate with baseball bats in hand, as a sea of fans stormed the field with knives, chains, and pieces of stadium seats. As the smoke cleared, it was clear to see that this was not going to be an annual promotional event in years to come. The Indians have had an interesting history along the way, this event included, but seemingly can't find their way to winning the World Series. The last time they participated in it was in 1997 against the Marlins in which they lost, but have not won since 1948. Some of The Tribes most notable alumni are Lary Doby, Bob Feller, and Bob Lemon. All greats in their own right, but the club has not had many of recent to speak of. Maybe upper management will wake up and make some moves to get a name worth knowing in the lineup, and make headlines of their owns and not fiasco's at the ball park. Check out the current arsenal of Indian caps below.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baseball by the beach

Hey fitted fans, today we have an older minor league fitted thats sure to please. The gem of a cap before you is a retro Lakewood BlueClaws fitted. This cap was used as an alternate a few years back, but has since been halted in production due to a newer logo. The BlueClaws are one of two MLB affiliated baseball teams left in the great state of New Jersey; The Thunder who are the other and have been mentioned in prior posts, play in Trenton. My first encounter with the Lakewood franchise was in the summer of 2007 as I watched them play the Delmarva Shorebirds, an affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. This South Atlantic League match-up proved to be lack luster as some minor league games can get, but I found myself stuck in the team shop behind home plate at FirstEnergy Park. Sure, they had jerseys, shirts, shorts, etc., but what I found myself staring at was the copious selection of New Era Fitted Caps. The caps all featured this logo on:
This is truly one of my favorite logos in all of baseball due to its color choices and creativity. This is a logo design that truly fit the team and the city it plays in. The cap I bought above has a red brim, a navy blue crown, and this guy shown above located on the front. The new logo is OK, but I feel this was the one to stick with. You can find the link to the team shop below to see more caps. Enjoy fitted fans! 

Find the new BlueClaws merch here:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Something in Burlington other than some coat factory

After a brief break due to a long weekend we are back with a buzz... That seemed too easy.. In any event, this is a throwback cap of the Burlington Bees. The Bees are a single A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. This team, which may not have worldly acclaim, does have quite the history in its rear view mirror. The Burlington club has been a part of baseball since 1924, and a part of the Midwest League of Minor League Baseball since 1962. Prior to their current West Coast affiliation, the team has had a rap sheet of sorts as far as teams they've been in cahoots with. Their most recent extended relationship was with the Kansas City Royals from 2001-2010. The team plays their home games at 2712 Mt. Pleasant Street, at the 63 year old ball park known as Community Field. This old park seats a cozy crowd of 3,200 fans, and is said to have one of the most intimate atmospheres in all of small town baseball. Some of the most notable former Bees are Ruben Sierra, Vida Blue, Paul Molitor, Larry Walker, and Kenny Rogers . This cap featured, which keep in mind is an older logo, has a yellow brim, royal blue crown, with an insect of the arthropodic variety wielding a more than likely tooth pick sized bat. Kinda elementary, fun, and simple, but hey isn't that what minor league baseball is about? you can find the teams current cap at the link below. Enjoy and see ya tomorrow.

Find the current cap of the Burlington Bees here:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Madison Madhouse Men

In continuation of hockey week here on TFD, we take a more in depth look at the defending Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks, one of the Original 6 NHL franchises, have been a member of the league since the 1926 season. As one may assume, with such a long tenure and history in the windy city, a successful past precedes them. In their years, they have found themselves as the league champions 4 times, captured two conference championships since the league began keeping count, and an impressive 14 division championships. Enough about the team, let's get to the logo. The original incarnation of what was voted the best logo in hockey, was originally designed by the wife of the clubs first owner, Frederick McLaughlin. The drawing originally illustrated by Irene Castle was first rendered in 1926 and has had multiple drafts since day 1. The logo has inspired the creation of a team mascot named "Tommy Hawk" as a form of homage to the Native American influence in the teams name. With the roster the Blackhawks have today, along with their great tradition, and incredible fan base they are sure to take a ride on the road to success for quite some time. As they made their run to The Cup last year, homegrown youngin's Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews helped greatly as they established their presence early and often throughout the playoffs. The cap featured has a black crown, black brim, and the traditional four feather Native American Blackhawk logo that we all know and love on the front. This is truly a classic logo that looks great on caps, jerseys, shirts, etc. I doubt I will ever get sick of looking at this one any time soon. You can find merch with the afore mentioned logo at the link below, now go pick up one of the greatest logos in sports!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Goals Gone Wild

In continuation of Hockey Week, today we feature the Minnesota Wild. The Wild are the current NHL franchise located in the Twin Cities, since The Minnesota North Stars left for Dallas in 1993. After the departure of the Stars, there was a seven year absence of hockey in the land of ten thousand lakes; Hockey was a way of life in Minnesota and it was clear that this would not be a franchise-less state. Prior to the 2000 NHL season the origins of a team began to sprout. After voting on a new name and colors, a new team was born: The Minnesota Wild. It was clear that the community would appreciate a team, as the franchise had a deal to build their own arena in St. Paul within months of their creation. The Xcel Energy Center seats 18,064 fans, and has a record including standing room with 20,554. In their already ten year history, the franchise has won one division title in 2008, but has yet to win a conference of Stanley Cup Championship. The all time scoring leader for the Wild is Marian Gaborik who has 437 points in 502 games played for the club. The cap featured has a white crown, a forest green brim with the crisp and favorable Wild logo front and center. There have been many debates of to what the logo actually is, most feel it is either a bear or a wild cat. Either way, it's a great logo which pays homage to the great tradition of hockey in Minnesota. The logo also pays homage to the history of hockey in the twin cities as the North Star is featured as the eye of the wild animal in the logo. Minnesota: a proud state, with a great tradition of hockey, and a bright future in the Wild.

Caps like the one featured can be found here:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Talent Scouting

This gem of a cap features the logo of an NHL Throwback team. The Kansas City Scouts were an NHL franchise located in Kansas City, Missouri. You may know them as the present day New Jersey Devils. In between the two destinations they also had a brief 6 season stay in Denver as the Colorado Rockies (1976-1982). The Scouts which called the KC area home for two seasons won 27 out of 160 games played; Needless to say a less than stellar history. The Scouts were one of two NHL expansion teams in their first year of play along with the Washington Capitals. The franchise played their home games in Kemper Arena. After the franchise left for the Rockies, big league hockey was never to return to Kansas City. There were a few stints of minor league teams, but nothing big to speak of. Through the trials and tribulations those who wore the scouts jersey laid the foundation for one of the most notable NHL franchises of the last 30 years (The New Jersey Devils). It just goes to show you that everything has to start somewhere. The cap shown has a navy blue crown and brim with a red circle and white inside displaying a Native American on a horse seemingly scouting out territory on the horizon. Awful franchise, great history after Kansas City, and a cool logo. Hats featuring the Scouts logo can be found at the link below. Enjoy!

Hockey Week!

This week on The Fitted Diaries were going to do something a little different. As you all know, fitted caps don't necessarily only pertain to baseball. There are caps for all types of sports and this week we will be featuring a bunch of NHL inspired fitteds. Remember, this is only for a week so send some feedback on what you think about this little change of pace. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

2nd rate

Remember when you were a kid, and you would always let your little brother win sometimes so they wouldn't feel bad? Well, anyway today's featured cap is that of the New York Mets. The Metropolitans, which are a hybrid offspring of the Giants and Dodgers from when they vacated NYC for Cali, head into their 49th season in 2011. The Mets are a franchise whom spent the 5th most on contracts this past season, and only managed a record of 79-83. Though this team has been deemed lovable loser more than once, I feel that their fans deserve much more than they get. The team of late has looked solid in April, and yet somehow has been reduced to a AA roster by July. In their history, the team has captured 4 NL pennants and 2 World Series titles; results which render the nick name of "The Amazins" somewhat evasive. In any event, maybe this somewhat under performing team will finally wake up and smell the proverbial bacon with new General Manager Sandy Alderson. Alderson, who had success in Oakland 20 or so years ago as a GM knows what winning is all about. Unfortunately he wont have Canseco, McGwire, or steroids to help this time around. Next up on the to do list of the Mets is to find a manager. Taking this job would be like begging for an STD, and personally I can't think of many who are interested in that. This cap, which features a black crown, brim, and an interlocking NY on the face can be found at the link below. Good luck Mets, your gunna need it.

Find this cap here:

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Eh, How bout dem Jays

Today, we have a throwback classic from the Toronto Blue Jays. This is the cap the team wore in the mid 90's to the 2000's. I picked this beauty up while on my first trip to Toronto 6 years ago. I had been in the area to watch the Yankees play, and to possibly see right fielder Gary Sheffield hit his 400th career home run. Upon my arrival in the city, we became engulfed in the shadow of the grand structure that is the Skydome. Now it's known as The Rogers Centre, but none the less the "epicness" remains. The Skydome is a football and baseball facility which was opened in 1989 and seats up to 54,000 on a full night. It is a signature point of the Toronto skyline and can bee seen from miles away. While in the Golden Horseshoe (Toronto's nickname), I watched as the Yankees won both games I attended as Mr. Sheffield hit his milestone 400th bomb. A really cool part of the city is the CN Tower. Its a space needle type structure that allows you to see all of Toronto from the top, and down into the Rogers Centre on a day when the roof is open. Great trip, great city, decent baseball team. The fitted above has a blue crown, blue brim, and a Blue Jay head with a red maple leaf in the background. Chances of finding this fitted around aren't very good, but I'll link a Ebay search on the bottom of this post. Have a great Saturday night, and come back tomorrow. Peace!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Rays of hope

This is a throwback cap of the Tampa Bay Rays. When they wore these, and when I took a trip down to Florida a few years ago, they were known as the Devil Rays. Today, same team, same stadium, different attitude. The team, which is now known as the Rays (portrayed as a ray of light, due to Florida being the sunshine state) has found a brighter horizon. Along with the name change came a new state of mind for all who participated in the day to day operations of the team. Since the name change, the franchise has made it's only two post season appearances, and even made it as far as the World Series two seasons ago. Upon my visit to St. Petersburg (where the Rays actually play), I watched a dismal Devil Rays club play a powerful Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim team. The Angels won by at least 7 runs and walked all over the Florida team with no regard for human life. Out of site out of mind I suppose. Now with their powder blue, navy blue, and yellow color scheme they have all but distanced the memories of the past from their minds and have established a mission for success. While the logos, jerseys, and memories of the old Devil Rays will live on for now, the team is headed in a new direction and has shown no sign of slowing down. The cap above ceased being worn at the end of the 2007 season, but you can still find it and the others in the uni set in the link below. The cap has a black crown, forest green brim, and a T B with a Devil Ray swimming beneath it all outlined in blue. I bet the ghost of Steve Irwin wasn't the only person to welcome the change of scenery in the ballpark of Tampa. Croyke!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

This ship wont sink

Today's cap is that of the Columbus Clippers of Minor League Baseball. This cap I picked up on my first trip to Ohio when I was 16, during the 2005 season. At that time, the Clippers were affiliated with The New York Yankees. Upon my visit, I watched players such as Ramiro Mendoza, Andy Phillips, and a young Robinson Cano. While in Cooper Stadium, all I could think and feel was the history of the historic ball park. These were grounds that had seen some of the most cherished players of my youth such as Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Jorge Posada. As far as I was concerned it was essentially a breeding grounds for excellence. As I sat in the old stadium, seemingly industrial as was the city it resided, I almost heard the echoes of a time ago which held a resonance of pride. The Clippers won the game against the Charlotte Knights as I watched with awe speculating who would be the next Yankee great in this sea of infinite talent. Former Pinstriper Bucky Dent shook hands with his players following the victory with a sense of pride and expectation of success. The team is now an affiliate of the Cleveland Indians and has a different logo set at this point in time, but the memories of the past will never disappear. This cap has a navy blue crown and brim, with a Cursive C encircling a large Sailboat with baseball seam sails. A classic Cap, a great tradition, and a fantastic memory. The current cap of the clippers can be found below, enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hola!, and welcome back to The Fitted Diaries. Today's featured cap is the fitted of the Mexico National Baseball Team. This cap in particular was worn during the Caribbean Series a few years ago. This team has played in a few global tournaments throughout the years and has quite a successful track record. In the Pan American games the team has placed third three times capturing the bronze, in the Caribbean Series they have placed 8 times with 5 silver medals, and three bronze, and placed 5 times in the Baseball World Cup of past capturing 4 silvers and 1 bronze. The team is currently managed by former Colorado Rockies great Vinny Castilla, who also previously took the field for the red, white, and green. The team is currently ranked 8th in the world in the IBAF rankings, with an almost certain climb in the near future. Some of the more notable players to don this cap in the most recent installment of the World Baseball Classic are: Elmer Dessens, Rodrigo Lopez, Oliver Perez, Joakim Soria, Jorge Cantu, Adrian Gonzalez, and Jerry Hairston Jr. The teams next major competition will be when they compete in the 2013 World Baseball Classic, when the field of teams has been proposed to be expanded to 24 teams; This is truly becoming a global sport. This cap I picked up on the lids website a few years ago, but it can also be found at the link posted below at the mickey place store. andale y compro!

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Thanks to !

Thank you to Paul Lukas at Uni Watch for the shout out on todays post. It is honestly an honor to be mentioned on one of the greatest sports blogs out there. Head over to Facebook to join the fan pages for Uni Watch and this site as well. Keep checking the blog, chances are you may find out something new and maybe even find a cap you like. Thanks again Paul!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Justice is served

So finally, after watching my New York Yankees get spanked around by the Texas Rangers in the ALCS, they are finally exposed for the lackluster team that they really are. In honor of this, today we take a better look at the cap which is worn by the first place loser this season. This is the alternate cap of the Texas Rangers of the AL West of Major League Baseball. The franchise, which has been around since 1961, originated in Washington D.C. as the Washington Senators as an expansion team. That venture, which lasted a decade, resulted in relocation deep in the heart of Texas as the present day Texas Rangers (Insert Chuck Norris joke here). The rangers have had 2 stadiums to call home, those of which being Arlington Stadium, and their present stomping grounds known as Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The current ballpark, which seats 49,170 was opened prior to the 1994 season. In their 40 season history in the Dallas area, the team has captured 4 AL West titles (1996, 1998, 1999, 2010) , and accomplished somewhat of an evasive goal of reaching the World Series, with an AL League Championship, this season. Although they did not win, they still made a great run and are sure to have a promising future, especially with new owner Nolan Ryan. The Rangers have two retired numbers other than the league wide Jackie Robinson 42, those being the afore mentioned Nolan Ryan's 34 and former manager Johnny Oates number 26. This cap, I picked up on the Lids website a few months back due to its somewhat throwback nature; it features a red crown, red brim, and a capital T in white and outlined in Ranger blue. This cap was originally featured back in the 90's, but was brought back to life two seasons ago as part of an alternate uniform. The link for this cap is posted below if you're interested in it. giddy-up cowboys and cowgirls!

The cap can be found here:

New Official Logo!

Just want to throw a quick shout out to my boy Emanuele Genghini for designing this logo, its about time we make this thing look semi-professional. Look out for tomorrows post around 2pm, lets just say it's going to be red, white, blue, and a big fat loser.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friar Friday

Today I'm featuring the alternate cap of the San Diego Padres...and no, those of you have seen Anchor Man, San Diego doesn't translate to a whales...well you know the rest. This is the the cap that the Padres would normally wear while wearing their camouflage alternate uniforms (these are worn on every Sunday home game). The Padres have been around since the start of the 1969 season and have been a member of the National League of Major League Baseball ever since; to further elaborate they play in the Western Division alongside the Giants, Dodgers, Rockies, and Diamondbacks. The Padres had a rough start to their franchise history as they lost 100 or more games 4 out of the first 6 seasons. They have evolved into a more complete club as they have captured N.L. titles in 1984 and 1998 but still have found the W.S. title to be somewhat evasive. Maybe one day I suppose. This cap I picked up at Petco Park the home of the Padres three years ago. It features a forest green brim and crown with an interlocking S and D shaded golden. This cap can be found at which I'll link below. have a great weekend, and come back tomorrow.  

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toight like a Toiger

This fitted is GRRRREEEAT!!! It's the official on field cap of the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball. The Tigers, Est. 1894, participate in the Central Division of the American League. The Tigers have one of the most prominent pasts in all of baseball with numerous Hall of Famer's on and off the field. Some of the more notable are: Ty Cobb, Sparky Anderson, Jim Bunning, Sam Crawford, Hank Greenberg, Al Kaline, and Hal Newhouser. The Most famous of the afore mentioned crew, Ty Cobb, had quite the prominent 23 season career while playing at 2121 Trumbull Avenue (Tiger Stadium). While in a uniform from 1905-1928, Cobb racked up 4,189 hits, 1939 RBI and managed to record a career .366 batting average; Arguably one of the best of all time. The Tigers now play their home games at Comerica Park in downtown Detroit where they most recently found themselves in the fall classic in 2006. Although they didn't win, they still have amassed a total of 4 World Series titles, 10 AL Pennants, and 1 Wild Card berth in their history. This cap, which I picked up in Detroit at a game last summer, has a navy blue brim and crown, with an Old English style D on the front. One of the most classic caps in the game that more people should have. Shout out to Matt O'Reilly for being the best torso-backdrop model in the world for this picture.

This fitted can be found here:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pop-ups from down under

New Era... Australian for baseball. This is the official on field fitted cap of the Australian national baseball team. This team has competed in Olympics and the World Baseball Classic. On a different, yet more specific tangent, their is (believe it or not) an actually league consisting of 6 teams in Australia. The league, named the Australian Baseball League, was founded just last year following the previous installment of the afore mentioned World Baseball Classic. There is talk of potential expansion for further franchises in New Zealand, but that is only in the contemplation stages of planning. The ABL is joint owned with Major League Baseball as a 75% owner, which means you can almost guarantee this project to flourish into something great in the near future being that they have all the funding necessary. This cap, I ordered online on the MLB shop website a few years ago, but can be found elsewhere today. The cap has a forest green brim and crown and has a capital A with 5 stars encircling it much like the Australian flag; The flag is shown on the left side of the cap as well. Some Notable Australian baseball players of note are Grant Balfour of the Tampa Bay Rays, Luke Hughes of the Minnesota Twins, Graeme Lloyd of Yankee's fame, and Ryan Roland-Smith from the Mariners. With the recent founding and essentially limitless money behind the ABL, this country promises to bring more stars into the light and into our teams rosters in years to come. All we have to do now is wait for the time to come. G'day mates!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

"Sprey" hits and line drives

The Missoula Osprey are the Advanced Rookie Affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks which play in the Pioneer League of A baseball, that play in Missoula, Montana. The Osprey have been connected with the Major Leagues Diamondbacks since the 1996 season. Prior to that they had been affiliated with the San Francisco Giants from 1987-1989 and then co-affiliated from '89 to '96. The team plays their home games at Ogren Park at Allegiance Field which is a 3,500 seat stadium that was built prior to the 2004 season. The largest crowd however was recorded at 4,076 for a game in July of this year against The Great Falls Voyagers. The organization has captured 4 division championships ('98, '99, '06, '09), and 2 league titles ('99, '06). Some Osprey players of note in the past are Lyle Overbay, Jorge De La Rosa, Miguel Montero, Carlos Gonzalez, and Scott Hairston. The fitted shown has a black crown, black brim, and an Osprey Blue O outlined in gold, with an Osprey bird emerging. They are a little known team unless your a baseball junkie like myself, or you live in Montana; They definitely deserve some recognition for one of the cooler logos in baseball though. Check them out here: , or find the hat below if you so desire. Enjoy!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

O Say Can You See?

This cap is the alternate on field hat of the Washington Nationals. The Nats play in the Eastern Division of the National League. Though the teams history in D.C. is relatively short, this franchise has been around for quite some time. The Nationals moved from Montreal at the end of the 2004 season, ending a 35 year history in the city. Professional baseball in Washington is nothing new though; There have been 2 previous installments of teams in the D.C. Metro area. Maybe this will be the team to finally call the city home, and stay for good; Only time will tell. In the teams history, they have only won 1 NL East title, never an NL Pennant and never a World Championship. With up and coming stars such as Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg there future looks brighter than ever. This cap has a blue crown, red brim, and an interlocking D and C inlaid with the pattern of the American Flag. Great looking cap that I don't see a whole lot so go get one!

This cap can be found at:

Friday, October 22, 2010

He's smiling 'cuz im baaaaccckkkkk

We're back after midterm week, and happier than ever to do todays post.This is one of my favorite throwback caps in the business, the old school Baltimore Orioles fitted. The Orioles have been around since 1894 and have quite the history. The Original team incarnation eventually became the New York Yankees that we know and love today, but they exist now due to the move from St. Louis of the original Browns franchise. The Orioles have had 2 ball parks in Baltimore, Memorial Stadium, and their current address Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The franchise had managed to somehow win seven American League Pennants, and 3 World Series titles; there last being in 1983. Some of the more notable personalities in Oriole history are: Earl Weaver, Brooks Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr. Frank Robinson, Jim Palmer, and more recent stars such as Miguel Tejada. The cap above, which features a black crown, orange brim, and a smiling oriole with a cap on, I picked up at a shop in the inner harbor in Baltimore a few years back. The team hasn't been good in a while, but with a strong past such as theirs they are sure to make a resurgence in years to come. Due to their nature of an American League Eastern division team like my Bronx Bombers, I cant claim a fan-hood in this club...This ones for the birds as they say. You can find the cap below.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Mile High Club

This is the cap of the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies, as you may or may not know, is the Major League Baseball franchise which was one of two expansion teams in 1993 along with the Florida Marlins. The Rox, as the locals call them, played their first few seasons at Mile High Stadium where the Denver Broncos played their games as well until their own ballpark opened the following year. Coors Field opened to start the '95 season and has been a fan favorite around the league ever since. The park seats 51,262 fans for a full game, and has been host to 3 playoff seasons; 1995, 2007, and 2009. Their most successful season came in 2007 when they reached the World Series against the Boston Red Sox, but fell short in 4 games. In their short history, they have had some big time names wear the purple pinstripes; Players such as Dante Bichette, Larry Walker, Vinny Castilla, Andres Galarraga, Eric Young, and the always popular Todd Helton. This past season, I took a trip to The LoDo area of Denver to take in a few games in the thin air. While enjoying the beautiful park and the even better scenic backdrop of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, I took some time to check out the team store and pick up this fitted. The cap shown has a black crown, a black brim, and an interlocking C and R shaded purple and laced with a silver lining. This cap is not necessarily a classic yet, but it definitely possesses a crisp clean look that fits the bill. This cap can be found at the Lids site, which I'll link below. Great city, great ball park, and a pretty solid cap.

The cap can be found here:

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today's cap post is in honor of the AAA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, The Las Vegas 51's. The Franchise was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1983 as the Las Vegas Stars. That name stuck around for 17 years until the 2001 season when they decided on a name change to the 51's. The 51's is of course a payment of homage to the area 51 controversial governmental site that may or may not really exist, oh man. So this team, which is bases on a controversial theory which speculators say is an area where alien lifeforms and technology is investigated, is represented by a mascot which shares likeliness to the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks. As if this whole thing wasn't funny enough, the teams home fitted, shown above, features a blue crown, a blue brim, and an alien head shaded gray with baseball stitching lining the cranium. The 51's play there home games at Cashman Field, which seats just above 9,000 fans. The team has won 8 division titles and 2 league titles in their history, but none since 2002. I picked up this other-worldly fitted at the afore mentioned Cashman Field this past summer on a west coast trip. Overall, I love the cap, enjoy the joking nature of the whole team name, but don't think it will ever help their concentration in pursuit of a title. Good luck 51's and may the force be with you! (Tacky? Sorry bout that)

The cap can be found here: in the team shop area.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

True Blue Brew Crew

Todays cap if the alternate and throwback fitted of the Milwaukee Brewers. This cap, along with the corresponding uniforms, was worn from 1978-1993. The franchise we now know as the Milwaukee Brewers first started on the west coast in the state of Washington as the Seattle Pilots. After that venture became an imminent failure, the team moved East to Wisconsin and set up shop in Milwaukee. The town needed a team after the Braves left for Atlanta in 1966, and businessman Allan Bud Selig was more than happy to take a chance on the lowly pilots. The team's new team name was chosen due to the multiple breweries in the area which produced beer such as Miller. The Brewers then moved to the AL East, from the West, and stayed in the AL until 1997 when they moved to the NL Central where they still play today. The Brewers have captured an AL East and a league pennant in 1982, an NL Wild Card Berth in 2008, but have still yet to achieve the ultimate goal of winning a World Series. This cap, which features a blue crown, blue brim, and a glove shaded blue, white, and yellow (which is actually an M on top of a B), I picked up at Miller Park the home of the Brewers last summer on a visit. You can find this cap on the website of the Brewers, or the Lids website which I have linked below. When teams bring back throwback logos and colors, it's sometimes a mistake; this is not one of those cases. The Brewers brought back a true classic, and made the right choice by doing so. check out the link, and go rep a classic!

The fitted can be found here:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Staten Island Wrecking Crew

Todays cap re-cap features the fitted of the Staten Island Yankees. The S.I. Yanks are the short-season A affiliate of the New York Yankees who play in the New York Penn League's McNamara Division. The Staten Island club has been in existence since the 1999 season, and have played in Richmond County Bank Stadium since 2000.  The Yanks have 6 division titles and 5 league titles. Their last championship was in last years season in which they finished 47-29 and were led by manager Josh Paul. Some former S.I. Yanks that have made a name for themselves in the bigs are: Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner, Chien-Ming Wang, Phil Coke, and Francisco Cervelli. This cap I picked up at Richmond County Bank Stadium last season, while at a game against the Aberdeen IronBirds. The cap shown has a gray crown, navy blue brim, and a lowercase "y"outlined in white and in navy blue. On the side of the cap the words "Staten Island" are printed. This cap can be found online at the Staten Island Yankees website which I have linked below. NOW GO GET ONE AND REPRESENT!

Find the cap here:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Le Tigre

Today's fitted is the home cap of the Tigres Del Licey (Licey Tigers). The Tigers play in the Dominican Winter League. The Tigers are arguably the most successful team in the winter league, being that they have captured 22 league championships, and 10 Caribbean World Series titles in their 103 year history. The Tigers play in Estadio Quisqueya, a 16,500 seat stadium which was built in 1955. Some former Tigers include Pedro Martinez, Mike Piazza, Alex Rodriguez, Edgar Renteria, Mark McGwire, Vladimir Guerrero, and Aramis Ramirez. Since they are a Winter League team, they often attract MLB players to come play and stay in playing form in the off season. The cap shown has a blue crown and brim with a cursive capital L shaded white, with a tiger prowling the letter. A rare cap that i found at Cap City in West New York, New Jersey.

An alternate form of the cap can be found here:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Jerrell

Todays post is a present for my man Jerrell Ray. Yesterday was Jerrell's birthday, and in honor of him I'm doing a cap representing his favorite team; The Cleveland Indians. The guy on this cap is in representation of the 1989 movie Major League staring Charlie Sheen. The film chronicled an Indians team which lacked talent and struggled through the season, but overcame adversity through unity and determination. Unlike the film, the real Cleveland Indians struggled mightily this season. The Indians, who play in the American League Central Division, finished the season 69-93. The Indians were established in 1894, and have won two World Series titles; 1920 and 1948. Along with those two titles, the tribe has 5 American League Pennants. The Indians play in Progressive Field, a strictly baseball park opened in 1994, which seats 45,199. Some former Indians of note are Lary Doby, Bob Feller, Al Lopez, Tris Speaker, Early Wynn, and more recently Jim Thome. The cap shown, I picked up at a few months back and might not be available. It's got a navy blue crown and brim with a Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo face featuring a cap on it with black brim glasses and a skull in the middle. A great cap with a creative design. Happy Birthday Jerrell!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

You Dirty Dog

The cap of the day is the home fitted of the Charleston RiverDogs. The RiverDogs are the Class A minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees. The Dogs have been in existence since 1980 when they were known as the Charleston Royals due to their initial affiliation with the (you guessed it) Kansas City Royals. Along with the Royals and Yankees the RiverDogs have been affiliated with the Padres, Rangers, and Devil Rays. The RiverDogs play in Joseph P. Riley Jr. Park in Charleston, South Carolina; a facility built in 1997 which seats 6,000 fans. some notable RiverDogs of past are B.J. Upton, Carl Crawford, Rocco Baldelli, Josh Hamilton, and David Cone. Although the Dogs have never won a league title, they have captured 5 Southern Division titles in the South Atlantic League. The fitted in the picture has a navy blue crown and brim with a golden C with a river dog in the middle holding a baseball bat in his teeth.

The Fitted can be found here: Now go buy one!

Double Play

 I know its a little bit late, but this is the post for Friday. The fitted's you see above are those of the Yomiuri Giants. Yes thats right, 2 caps, a double feature because i'm soo late! The Giants play in Tokyo, Japan in the Tokyo Dome; the Tokyo Dome is an indoor baseball facility which has been open since the 1988 Nippon Professional Baseball league season. The dome seats 55,000 fans for a game and has hosted 9 Japan Series in which the Giants have won 5 championships. The Giants play in the Central Division of the NPB and have been part of the league since 1934. Some former Yomiuri Giants of note are NPB Home Run king Saduhara Oh, Tuffy Rhodes, Jesse Barfield, Former Yankees assistant coach Roy White, and of course former Yankee Hideki Matsui. The Caps featured above have black crowns and brims, and interlocking Y's and G's for Yomiuri Giants. The one on the left is orange outlined in white, and the one on the right is pure white. Both fitteds have green under-brims, always a nice touch. These caps I picked up at a disclosed location, which possessed a limited quantity, so no luck on a link for these. Sorry everyone, see you all tomorrow...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twin Killing

Tonight, the Minnesota Twins lost their second game of the American League Division Series to the New York Yankees. The Series will head back to New York for game 3 of the series on Saturday. In mourning of their World Series hopes for yet another year, let me give you guys a little history lesson. The Twins are a member  of the American League Central, which they have won six times. The Twins have also won 6 American league Pennants, and have won the World Series in three of those seasons. The Twins have been in Minnesota since the 1961 season, and have played in three separate ball parks; Metropolitan Stadium, then the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, and now at Target Field just down the street. Some notable Twins legends are Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, Kirby Puckett, and even Walter Johnson when the team was based in Washington, D.C. and known as the Senators. The cap in the picture, which I found in The Mall of America last summer, has a red crown, navy blue brim, and In interlocking T and C for twin cities (Minnesota and St. Paul) respectively in blue and white. This cap, along with other twins caps, can be found on the Twins shop web site which I've linked below. Good Try Minnesota, get you 9 iron out, Tee Time is at 8:45 Sunday morning.

The cap can be found at:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That's One Sick Doc...

WOW! Tell me you guys were watching that! Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies has just pitched a no hitter in the first game of the NLDS. That's only the second time this has ever happened, the last being the New York Yankees' Don Larsen in the 1956 World Series. In honor of this great accomplishment, todays fitted will be the fitted of the Philadelphia Phillies. The franchise which was founded in 1883 as the Philadelphia Quakers are one of the longest tenured members of Major League Baseball. The Quakers soon became the Phillies and wasted no time constructing a strong and proud history. They have won 10 National League Eastern Division Titles, 7 National League Pennants, and 2 World Championship Titles. The Phillies currently play in Citizens Bank Park, a 43,647 seat stadium in Philadelphia which has been open since the 2004 stadium. Some former Phillie greats are Richie Ashburn, Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Robin Roberts, and Jim Thome who will surely be inducted into the hall of fame after his career. The cap above has a red crown, red brim, and a cursive capital P to represent Philadelphia.  This is a clean and classic fitted that I love which I picked up on my trip to Philly for a game earlier this season.

You can find your own Phillies cap just like the one pictured above here:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Bombers

Todays hat is the fitted of the Trenton Thunder of Minor League Baseball. The Thunder, who are the double A affiliate of the New York Yankees, play in the Eastern League. Before the franchise was affiliated with the Bronx Bombers, the team was previously associated with the Boston Red Sox, the Detroit Tigers, and the Chicago White Sox. The team has been known as the Trenton Thunder since their first season in New Jersey in 1993. Prior to that the team was known as the London Tigers. The Thunder play in Mercer County Waterfront Park, which is a baseball only facility in Trenton, New Jersey that seats 6,341 fans. The Thunder have 7 division titles, and have won the league title twice; once in 2007 and again in 2008. Some notable former Thunder players are: Nomar Garciaparra, Carl Pavano, Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and Brett Gardner. The fitted in the picture has a navy blue crown, a silver brim, and a muscular blue cloud-man wielding a lightning bolt for a baseball bat. Frankly it's a fitted that I love and wish I saw more of, SO GO BUY ONE!

You can find the fitted here: and then go to the Company Store on the left side.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Back On Top

Todays post is dedicated to the National League West Champions for the 2010 season, The San Francisco Giants. This is the first time the Giants have won their division since way back in the 2003 season. This is the seventh time Los Gigantes have won their division since the creation of the three divisions in the American and the National League. The Giants now begin the journey to the 2 successive peaks on the post-season odyssey as they attempt to capture their twenty-first National League pennant and their sixth world series championship. Now for a little history; The franchise which was originally known as the The New York Gothams in 1883, became the Giants two seasons later, and then subsequently moved to San Francisco in 1957 ripping the hearts out of thousands of fans in the tri-state area. After playing a few seasons at Seal's Stadium, the Giants began a near 40 year tenure at Candlestick Park in the San Francisco Bay area. Following their first 4 decades on the West Coast, the Giants began play in what is now known as AT&T Park in the 2000 season. The Black and Orange made it all the way to the World Series in the parks third season on a wild card berth, but fell short to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Giants have a long list of famous alumni such as: Willie McCovey, Willie Mays, Juan Marichal, Mel Ott, Gaylord Perry, Orlando Cepeda, and of course the somewhat frowned upon home run king Barry Bonds. The fitted pictured, I picked up on a trip to San Fran a few years back when i went to see the afore mentioned AT&T Park. The Fitted is the primary official on field cap of the Giants which has a black crown and brim with the interlocking S and F in Giant Orange representing San Francisco. Another classic cap which is easily attainable, and will always look crisp on your dome.

The fitted can be found here:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Light and Flaky

Just as I did when I first saw the logo on this cap, you might be asking yourself "what the hell is that?" The answer to that fine question is it's a biscuit. A biscuit from Alabama to be precise. The Montgomery Biscuits are the Double A affiliate of Major League Baseballs' Tampa Bay Rays. The Biscuits organization has been affiliated with the Rays since the 1999 season. Prior to 2004, they were known as the Orlando Rays. The Biscuits play there home games at Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium, completed prior to the 2004 season, which seats a capacity crowd of 4,500 fans. Some former Biscuits of the buttermilk variety are current Rays David Price, B.J. Upton, Evan Longoria, James Shields, and former Rays player Scott Kazmir. The Biscuits are a young team with an already rich history, winning league and division titles in 2006 and 2007 seasons, with a more than certain bright future to come. The fitted displayed has a royal blue crown and a school bus yellow brim. On the crown there is a caricature of a buttermilk biscuit known as "Monty", with eyes, arms, legs, and a slab of butter in its mouth. I picked this one up at the 2008 MLB All Star Game Fan Fest in New York, but you can find you own at the link posted below which will take you to the Biscuits Shop. Yet another hat that looks great, and will catch people staring for sure.

Find the fitted, and others from the team here:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Konichiwa Bitches!

The cap of the day is a variation of The Nippon Professional Baseball leagues Yokohama BayStars. My moneys on the probability that you have no idea what I'm talking about; let me explain: Their are 12 professional baseball teams in Japan, one of the more popular teams is the afore mentioned BayStars. The BayStars play in the Central League of NPB and call Yokohama, Kanagawa home. The Baystars play their home games at, you guessed it, Yokohama Stadium and have won two Japan League Series titles. Some former BayStars of note are Takashi Saito, Tomo Ohka, and former Montreal Expos outfielder Terrmel Sledge. The cap shown has a black crown and brim, with the BayStars B centered in front colored orange; Green underbrim as well keepin it old school. Don't think this one will be found anywhere on sale in the continental U.S. so no luck on a link today.