Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Opening Day 2011

Yes folks, finally IT is back. OPENING DAY! Baseball once again enters our homes and hearts for another season. Today, we are all in first place despite whatever team we have rooted for our entire lives. Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Seattle, Oakland, it doesn't matter what the past is; this could be your year! Not only do we look forward to the fun of going to games with friends, or the tailgating some of us take part in before rivalry series, but it is realistically also a day for family. Today serves as a tradition for some, to share with brothers, cousins, and of course fathers. Whether you're taking off today to catch a game, have MLB.TV so you can see the action you absolutely can't miss, or are going to sacrifice your time to actually miss the games, it is officially time to get excited. The balls being smashed with the crack of a bat, the smell of the freshly cut grass, and the memorable sounds of the vendors pitching their products and even the dull roar of the crowd before an outbreak of a great play; these are the things we look forward to, and now they're back. If these are the things that get you all warm and tingly inside, then this might as well be Christmas. On the rundown today we have Yankees vs. Tigers, Braves vs. Nationals, Reds vs. Brewers, Angels vs. Royals, Cardinals vs. Padres, and Giants vs. Dodgers. Despite whether or not these are teams you love, take in a little bit of a game, or catch the highlights on ESPN tonight. Opening Day just wouldn't be Opening Day without it. In honor of the great Jack Norworth, Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the road again...

We are now 1 day away from significant games of baseball. In honor of the proximity of happiness upon us all, we're featuring one of my favorite baseball caps of all time. As you may have assumed, the team were taking a closer look at today is the Inland Empire 66ers. The team is named after the famous route 66, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles and was considered the "main street of America" at one point in time. Prior to it's current existence as the 66ers, the club has had multiple prior "personalities" if you will. The team has been known as the Cardinals, Sun Sox, Giants, Suns, Spurs, Spirit, and Stampede, and 66ers in the franchises 70 year history. As expected, there have been multiple affiliations with the name changes. The big brother clubs throughout the decades have been the Giants, Dodgers, Mariners, Cardinals, and now the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The team plays in the South Division of the California League in class-A advanced baseball. The club which has claimed 5 league titles, the last of which was during the 2006 campaign, plays their home games at Arrowhead Credit Union Park; a 5,000 seat stadium built in 2003, located in downtown San Bernardino, California. Among the franchises alumni, are Adrian Beltre, Mike Hampton, Felix Hernandez, Paul Konerko, and of course the great Ken Griffey Jr. Hopefully with the new affiliation with the Angels, the club will find traction, and not burnout another season. Just like the afore mentioned route 66, this club has a long trip ahead of them, until they reach the finish line. The cap shown, features a silver brim, a royal blue crown, and the team crest resembling the iconic route 66 signs which we've all seen. Find the cap at lids, by following this link: Enjoy, and I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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A mascot named "Rocky Bluewinkle"?...I smell rip off NBC

BASEBALL STARTS THURSDAY! Now that we've gotten that little nugget of information out of the way, welcome to the blog. Today, were keeping it in the realm of the minor leagues and featuring the Wilmington Blue Rocks. The Blue Rocks, who feature a mascot named "Rocky Bluewinkle", are located in Wilmington Delaware. The club plays in the Northern Division of the Carolina League in class level advanced-A baseball. The team originated, and has stayed in the same city since its humble beginnings in 1993. The only real changes have been different logo sets, and affiliated Major League teams. The Royals were their parent club from 1993-2004, then the Red Sox took over from 2005-2006, followed by Kansas City from 2007 up until now. The club, which plays in Daniel S. Frawley Stadium, has claimed 4 division and league titles (some in separate seasons). Judy Johnson field at Frawley Stadium is a 6,500 plus seat facility, which has been open to the public since 1992, also serves as the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame. The franchise has seen multiple Major League rookies of the year pass through the roster such as Angel Berroa and Carlos Beltran. The club claims an AL Cy Young winner in Zack Grienke, and a World Series champion in Jacoby Ellsbury. Theres surely nothing to be "blue" about when your a member of the club, the franchise has seen over 100 players reach the show in its history. The cap above features a sky blue brim and crown, featuring the Johnny Bluewinkle blowing steam and looking fierce. The cap can be found here at lids: . See you all tomorrow, and keep reading!

Monday, March 28, 2011

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Who the hell is John Chapman?

Good afternoon fitted fans, and welcome to the only reason why Mondays are tolerable. Today, The Fitted Diaries features one of the most popular minor league fitteds in all of baseball. The cap you see above is the home on-field cap of the Fort Wayne TinCaps. The TinCaps are the new name for an old franchise located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. from 1993-2008 the club was known as the Wizards, and were affiliated with the Minnesota Twins and the San Diego Padres. Today, the team still remains connected with the friars of the west, as a member of the Midwest League of single-A baseball. New name, new mindset I suppose; since the teams name change (in honor of "Johnny Appleseed" or John Chapman) the club has found success in the confines of their new home. The teams new ballpark, as part of a complete franchise overhaul, is Parkview Field. Parkview Field is an 8,100 seat state of the art minor league stadium, which saw the team win their first, and to this day only, league and division titles. In the clubs history, it has seen such MLB greats as Jake Peavy, Torii Hunter, and LaTroy Hawkins (*not so great) develop in the system while on their way to the bigs. This season, former major league catcher Shawn Wooten will manage the TinCaps in hopes of another league title. Wooten was for the most part a career backup, who knows a thing or two about winning considering he was a 2002 world champion with the Angels. As most would figure, that kind of experience cant hurt a club; but only time will tell. The cap above features a forest green brim and crown, with a caricature of an apple with a pot on his head in spirit of Johhny Appleseed himself. Based of the past success of the franchises' prospects, and the manager running the club this year lets hope the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...pick up the cap at lids, or follow the link below.

Link to the cap:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Storm on The Horizon

On this Sunday edition of The Fitted Diaries, we feature the Lake Elsinore Storm of Minor League Baseball. The Storm play in the South Division of the California League in Class A advanced baseball. The club, which originated as the Santa Clara Padres way back in 1980, has been known as the Storm since 1994. The team plays their games at The Lake Elsinore Diamond, a near 8,000 seat stadium, which was also opened in '94. The team, which has been an affiliate of the San Diego Padres since 2001, has claimed two league titles; one in 1996 and one in 2001. The teams logo, which can been seen on the official New Era shown above, has been voted the best logo in baseball multiple times and for good reason. It is probably the most well know logo in all of Minor League Baseball, despite the clubs real lack of success in the past decade. Some of the organizations most notable alumni include Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod), Khalil Greene, Oliver Perez, Xavier Nady, and John Lackey. The team also owns one of the most obscure records in California League history, with the largest deficit of victory with a 30-0 run win over The Lancaster Jethawks a few years ago. With an outburst like that, they should be called the Lake Elsinore Tsunamis...too soon? Sorry. The cap above features a red brim, red crown with the Storm eyes and brow centered with the red eyes of fury glaring into your soul! That may have been a little too much, but you get the picture. Great logo, decent team, fantastic fitted. NOW GO BUY ONE!

5,000 views, and going strong!

Today fans, I am pleased to announce the 5,000 view mark for the blog. I enjoy doing these daily posts, when I get a chance and encourage you to keep reading them. Based on the popularity, it looks like a lot of you love baseball and/or fitteds as much as I do. Kudos to you all for sticking with me and what I'm doing here, I won't let you down. Keep it up!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hit the bull, win a steak.

Gooooood morning TFD readers. It's Thursday, rejoice, the weeks almost over. Until then, keep reading the blog and I'll keep you from falling asleep. On the blog today, we have the Durham Bulls. The fitted you see above is the primary cap the team wears for most of the season. Royal blue brim and crown, with the signature orange "D" and the bull jumping through it. Classic cap, which most will know if they see it due to the teams fame from the 1988 film Bull Durham. The film featured Kevin Costner as a minor league journeyman catcher, and Tim Robbins as an up an coming pitcher with a cannon for an arm; Highly recommended if you've never seen it. In the teams near 100 year history as The Durham Bulls, the club has seen its fair share of talent develop and eventually go on to have successful careers. Within the last 15 years the team has progressed greatly as it has moved up from A ball to AAA, in reflection of the hard work and fan support they have garnered. The team is currently an affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, and has seen such prospects as Evan Longoria and David Price work there way up through the ranks all the way to the show. The team plays at Durham Bulls Athletic Park, a 10,000 seat facility built in 1995. This classic minor league park has a light bulb lit out of town scoreboard, which keeps the nostalgic feel intact, and a 32 foot left field wall dubbed the blue monster. The place really does exude the family friendly environment that Minor League Baseball is all about. The Club and town are staples in the history of Minor League Baseball in America, and to me should be what other teams base their outlook on; Classic baseball, quirky traditions, and family fun. And if you were curious, the title of the post is relevant: Literally, hit the bull on with a home run and you got a free dinner buddy. Now thats some motivation to play baseball. See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Royal Turnaround

Hey fitted fans all around the world, hope your day is going better than mine here in New York. Opening day is less than two weeks away, spring has officially begun, and today we have a wintery-mix of snow, rain, and slop. While you're all stuck inside the house, go over to Facebook, and join our fan page: One bit of excitement that was brought to my attention earlier was Baseball America's 2011 organizational talent rankings. If your a minor league prospect junkie like myself, it might as well be Christmas. This list give a broad overview of all 30 MLB franchises potential for this year, and seasons to come. The cap you see above this article, is the alternate 59/50 New Era cap that the Royals have worn on the field for the past few seasons. You might be asking yourselves, "whats so exciting about the boring old Kansas City Royals?" Since you've asked so politely, I'll tell you; There future! Someone asked me a few days ago to name 5 Kansas City Royals off the top of my head whom will make this years roster. Whereas I was able to do it after a few minutes of thinking, I'll admit it wasn't easy. Looking at it in a positive light, Baseball America has ranked the organization as #1 on the afore mentioned potential ranking list. Minor League Baseball recently released their top 50 prospect list for this upcoming minor league season, and within the top ten we have two huge Royals prospects. A third basemen, Mike Moustakas comes in at number seven on the list. Following him at eighth on the list, is first basemen Eric Hosmer. This is a huge foundation for the Kansas City Royals to build around for years to come if these kids can flourish and make it to the show within the next year or so. Whereas it is likely that they will finish this season, as many in the past, in the basement of the American League Central, the future overall is not so gloomy. Think of it as a 5 year plan K.C., At least you have the All-Star Game next season to start building some hype, not to mention a recently renovated stadium. Keep an eye on the boys in Royal blue this summer, don't be surprised if you see some talent star to emerge.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Red Dead Redemption?

Good afternoon fitted fans! Today, The Cincinnati Reds are on my mind. While going through my fantasy baseball teams rosters, I kept seeing Reds players that seem to have a high ceiling so to speak. We all know Joey Votto won the NL MVP last season, and Aroldis Chapman can throw 200MPH, but there are also some players on this roster who are currently a bit under the national radar of players with a bright future. Starting off in the bullpen, we have Jose Arrendondo. For those of you who do not know, he has been a fixture in Anaheim for the Angels. With a career 3.48 ERA, and nearly as many strikeouts to innings pitched this guy will definitely hold his own in the NL. Also on this roster destined for the post season, is pitcher Homer Bailey. Homer Bailey has been a prospect in the Reds system since about 2005. Hes a big body, with a strong arm who is just coming into his own. With Cueto, Volquez, and Arroyo in the rotation with him, this pitching staff has 90 win season written all over it. The last guy I want to talk about is Drew Stubbs. Last season was his first full one in the majors, and he didn't hit as well as some thought he would. He definitely made his mark with the power numbers he put up. 22 home runs and 77 RBI's aren't too bad considering he only hit .255. This team found it's way back into the playoffs for the first time in a while last season, but ran into a difficult Philadelphia team in the first round. With the ammunition this roster has in the bullpen and on the field, don't be surprised if they make a run at the NL Central title. The cap featured in the picture above is one of the official on field caps that the Reds will wear this season. It features a red brim, black crown, and the signature Cincinnati "C" centered in the front. It can be found at here: Look out St. Louis, it wont be that easy this time around.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back From The Basement

WE ARE...ST. JOHN'S! Yes everyone, that's the rally cry of the loyal St. John's basketball fan base around the queens campus where I was this morning; On posters in windows, banners on the walls and t-shirts, this slogan and the school pride and passion that go with it are EVERYWHERE. It truly is a great feeling to see the campus and the student body, let alone all of New York, really embrace this team and the remarkable season they are enduring. It has been a while since they have even been a factor in the very tough Big East Conference. This season the team has beaten several of the country's top teams, some of which are: Duke, UConn, Pitt, and Notre Dame. Admittedly, this is something that is new to me since the team hasn't been very good the past three seasons; that has not stopped the amount of alumni who have told me about the good times with Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, and Bill Wennington. This is more a renaissance for the program than a successful outbreak due to their terrific history. Their first game of the NCAA Tournament is Thursday, March 17th against Gonzaga. Hopefully they can step up and "DO IT FOR D.J." in honor of the fallen senior leader who has been here since the teams dark days in 2008. Only time will tell, but until then LET'S GO JOHNNIES! The cap featured has a red brim, black crown, and the interlocking S T J on the front for all to see. The road to the Final 4 stats Thursday, lets get em boys!