Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watch your pockets around this guy

Todays cap of choice is the fitted of the Quad Cities River Bandits. You may be thinking wow thats a team with a long name, but their history is even longer. The River Bandits play in Davenport, Iowa, and are members of the Midwest League. Their has been a minor league team in Davenport for 50 years. The River Bandits are single A affiliates of the St. Louis Cardinals, and have been since the 2005 season. prior to that major league connection, the Quad City franchise has been affiliated with the Twins, Astros, Angels, Cubs, and Braves. Most recently before their name change to the River Bandits, the franchise was recognized as the Swing of the Quad Cities. If this name sounds familiar, chances are you've seen the movie Sugar which was released a few years ago telling the story of a minor league baseball prospect and his first months in America after coming from Latin America. The River Bandits play their home games at Modern Woodmen Park, which has been open for baseball games since 1931. Some notable alumni who used to call Davenport home in the summer are: Johan Santana, Billy Wagner, Joe Mauer, Garret Anderson, and even current Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon. The Cap has a red crown, yellow button, black brim, and a raccoon character in a cowboy hat and a bandanna covering his mouth and nose. I found this fitted at Cap City which is located in West New York, New Jersey a few months back. This cap can be spotted in rapper Lil' Wayne's music video for "Every Girl" if you didn't know.

This cap can be found at , once you get there search Bandits.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Liquid Magma

CAUTION: CONTENTS EXTREMELY HOT! This is the cap of Minor League Baseballs Salem-Keizer Volcanoes the single A short season affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. The Volcanoes play in Keizer, Oregon. Although this team has only been around since 1997, baseball in Oregon is nothing new. There have been teams in this particular region of the country since way back in 1940 at one point or another. The Volcanoes play at Volcanoes Stadium, which is a strictly baseball facility, that seats 4,252 fans. Some former Volcanoes are Twins closer Joe Nathan, Giants first baseman Travis Ishikawa, and Giants pitcher Jonathan Sanchez. The Volcanoes have won 5 league titles and 7 division titles in their 14 year history. I picked up this fitted at one of my favorite fitted shops, Cap City in West New York, New Jersey. The link is posted below. The fitted has a black crown, charcoal gray brim, with a V colored a molten red and a baseball on fire and billowing smoke. The general color scheme is gray, black, red and orange/yellow.

The fitted can be found here, search volcanoes:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's all the "buzz" about?

If you've never feasted your eyes upon this beauty, which you probably haven't, this is the cap of Minor League Baseballs' Augusta Green Jackets. The Green Jackets, who are currently the Class A affiliate of Major Leagues San Francisco Giants, play in the South Atlantic League and have ever since 1980. Prior to being a Giants farm team they have been linked to the Pirates, Red Sox, Tigers, and Cardinals. Some Major Leaguers that you may know who have worn the cap shown are Kevin Youkilis (BOOOOO!!!), Hanley Ramirez of Marlins fame, and The Kung Foo Panda himself Pablo Sandoval. The Green Jackets are owned by Cal Ripken Jr. who currently holds the Major Leagues Iron Man streak for consecutive games played. This cap I ordered online at the official website of the team which is linked at the bottom of the post. The fitted pictured has a forest green crown with a black brim, and a cartoon-like caricature of a bee head shaded orange and black. This is most definitely what people will be buzzing about when they break their necks staring at it.

This cap can be found at: inside the link for the team store.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pinot or Concord?

Todays fitted of choice is that of the Jamestown Jammers. The Jammers are a Short-Season A baseball team in the New York-Penn League which play in the Pinckney Division. Prior to being known as the Jammers the franchise, which has been in existence since 1989, was known as the Niagra Falls Rapids. The Jammers are affiliated with the Florida Marlins of Major League Baseball and have been since the 2002 season. The franchise is located in Jamestown, New York and play at Russell Diethrick Park. Some notable alumni of the Jammers include Brandon Inge, Jeremy Hermida, Josh Johnson, and Jeff Weaver. The Fitted has a deep purple crown and brim with a caricature of a bunch of green grapes. The Character has a cap on, a baseball bat, and a scowl on its face. Definitely a tough fitted, and one that will catch people looking when they pass by.

This fitted can be found at and search Jammers. A rare fitted and a hard find, so if its not available don't be a sour grape about it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The other Major Leagues

Today's fitted is one from a different era in baseball and our country. An era when our nation faced segregation and racism. The Kansas City Monarchs were a Negro League Baseball team in Kansas City, Missouri spanning two stints. First from 1920-1931 and then again from 1937-1961. They also had 2 separate stints as independent league teams until their disbandment in 1965. The Monarchs were one of the most successful franchises in the Negro Leagues and were most known for one very famous alumni. Satchel Paige was one of the most famous Monarchs and helped them win the Negro League World Series in 1942. I picked up this fitted in Cooperstown, New York at Mickey's Place which sells baseball memorabilia and has almost anything baseball you could ask for. The fitted has a white crown, a red brim, green under brim (keeping it old school), red piping along panels and seams, with a red K and a red C outlined in blue.

You can find this fitted here: and then search Monarchs.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The inaugural cap re-cap

Being that this is the first post on the site, I figure that we should start with a classic. The good old New York Yankees interlocking N Y fitted. As most of us know, the New York Yankees are one of the most prestigious teams in all of sports let alone baseball. They have 16 Eastern Division Championships, 40 American League Championships and most importantly to this point an unprecedented 27 World Championship titles. I've been to hundreds of Yankee games growing up in the tri-state area, and this particular cap I picked up at spring training this year. This fitted, which has had multiple representations in my collection, has been a part of my addiction since day one at some point in 2001. It is globally recognized as the most famous symbol in all of sports. This is one of my favorites, and always will be because it represents pride and greatness. Navy blue crown and brim, and a vibrantly white interlocking N Y outlined in gold to celebrate the afore mentioned 27th world championship. Featured on the left side of the cap is a commemorative champions patch with the number 27 in it.  Simple, yet refined.

You can find this cap at lids online at