Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hail to the Chiefs

Yes, I know it had been a while since I've posted. Bear with me folks, it was finals week at St. John's. All that matters is that I'm back, and so are the posts. Today I wanted to change up the pace, and feature an NFL team. In light of that, here on TFD, we have the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs, who are in their 50th season of play, originated as one of the first AFL teams prior to the leagues merger with the NFL. Way back in 1960, the team that we now know as the Chiefs, started out as the Dallas Texans. The team relocated a short 3 seasons later to Missouri, where they are currently experiencing a renaissance of great play. Through their first 13 games, the team is 8-5, and currently in first place in the AFC west. They're looking to capture their first division title since 2003, and their first Championship since way back in 1969 in Superbowl 4. The acquisition of quarterback Matt Cassel from the New England Patriots a few seasons ago, has really set the tone for victory in Arrowhead Stadium. Arrowhead has been the Chiefs home since 1972, seats a crowd of over 81,000, and is considered to be the one of the greatest home field advantages in the NFL. The Cap featured above is a Reebok cap that I picked up in the Kansas City are a few years back, when I went to watch a Royals game next door. The cap has a pinwheeled red and yellow design for the crown with the Chiefs primary logo centered, and a red brim. Maybe the Chiefs can hold on to their winning ways for a few more weeks, and carry the momentum into the playoffs. The sea of red at Arrowhead Stadium had been waiting a long time for a resurgence like this, and with good reason. You can find all your Chiefs merch at the link below, which will take you to the team store. 6 weeks 'til the Superbowl in Dallas!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Deep in the heart of Texas

Yippie kiyay everyone, happy Tuesday! Today as you can see, The Fitted Diaries will be featuring the oldest Texas based MLB team, the Houston Astros. The 'Stros, as some call them, have been a part of big league baseball since the early 1960's. Prior to the name change we are all accustomed to, the club was known as the Houston Colt .45s (Possibly the greatest team name ever). For 3 seasons, from 62-64, the club played at (drumroll please for the big surprise) Colt Stadium. With the Change in team name, so came the change of baseball as we knew it; the significance of this being that the so called eighth wonder of the world, the Astrodome, was opened. The Astrodome, which hasn't seen baseball action since the conclusion of the 1999 MLB season, was the first ever domed baseball venue in the world. The park could fit somewhere around 54,000 fans for a full game. During the "Dome" era if you will, the club managed to pick up two NL Western Division titles in 1980 and 1986, and three NL Central Division titles in 1997, 1998, 1999. Since the closing of the park, and the opening of the newer Minute Maid Park, the team has had two NL Wild Card Berths coming in 2004 and 2005, the latter of which resulted in the 'Stos reaching the World Series. The team would fall short, and have still never won a World Series Title. The cap shown above features a logo that was used from 1975-1994, which in my opinion might be my favorite one that the club has ever used. The fitted has a navy blue brim and crown, and an orange outline MLB batter logo on the rear. I picked that one up at Minute Maid Park during my visit to Houston in 2006, and I must say that ball park is spectacular. You can find other Astros merchandise at the link posted below to the official team store. Adios!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Once upon a time

Long long ago, in a place far far away...Just kidding. A few years back, believe it or not, New Jersey had 3 minor league baseball teams to claim as their own. The afore mentioned Blue Claws, Thunder, and the pictured New Jersey Cardinals. The Cardinals have been gone for a little over 5 years but the memories live on. The team was a part of the New York-Penn League from 1994-2005 in which they found themselves in first place at the end of the year only once. Despite their questionable performance, and front office commitment they still had a few great players pass through their ball park doors; some of which are Dan Haren, and Coco Crisp. Today the team has moved from NJ to State College, Pennsylvania where they are now known as the State College Spikes of Pittsburgh Pirates affiliation. It was a short but sweet history in New Jersey which is easily forgotten, but for those of us who remember will always appreciate the tenure of an affiliated club. Teams like the Newark Bears and Somerset Patriots don't nearly have the appeal due to their independent status. This cap features a Cardinal red brim, a navy blue crown, and a Cardinal bird flying left to right with the words New Jersey located above. Unfortunately the only version of this cap that can be found is in alternate colors, but if you can deal with that be my guest and pick it up. See you all tomorrow!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

That's Amar'e

Hey everybody, and welcome back. I know it's Sunday night and we're all dreading Monday, so I figured I'd send you off with a "good feel" story. Anyone from the tri-state area, or a general basketball fan knows well and true that the New York Knicks have been awful for quite some time. Ranging from off floor distractions like Stephon Marbury, to lost hopes in the departure of David Lee, Knick fans have had to accept failure despite one of the larger pay rolls in the NBA. Could this wave of anguishing failure be over? Seemingly so, now that coach Mike and his boy Amar'e are reunited all problems have vanished in a New York minute. With Stoudemire averaging nearly 25 points and 9 boards a game, spirits are high during this holiday season for more than one substantial reason. True, it has been almost 40 years since the Knickerbockers of old have found themselves in the winners circle, and fans probably have every right to be skeptical (hear me out), but this could be the real deal folks. The team is 9-1 as of today in their last ten games, and quite personally I can't recall the last occurrence of this feat. True, it is early and things could change quickly, but if everyone stays healthy we've got a contender on our hands. New York is the biggest city in the world, with the greatest fans; now they truly have a basketball team to be excited about. Keep an eye on them, title 3 and conference championship 9 could be on the horizon. The cap shown has a blue brim and crown with the classic Knicks primary logo front and center. You can pick yours up, and other merch like it at the link below. Hope I was able to lighten up your Monday, remember only 19 days 'til Christmas!

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

John Wayne would be proud

Take ten paces, turn, and shoot...That should be the Spurs motto based on how well they're playing this year. Howdy partners, today as you may have already guessed our post will feature the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are off to a red hot start this year despite off court distractions. Eva Longoria or not, Tony Parker is playing like a man possessed. Averaging nearly 17 points and 7 assists a game, Parker has paved the way for the 16-3 start the team has gotten off to. The presence of veterans such as Tim Duncan, Richard Jefferson, and Manu Ginobili haven't exactly hurt their case either. This, however, is no team to consider success a stranger. Since the great ABA/NBA merger in 1976 which saw the addition of the Nets, Nuggets, Pacers, and these very Spurs, the franchise has captured 16 division titles, 4 conference titles, and 4 NBA Championships. From their prestigious yet humble beginnings with players such as George "The Iceman" Gervin in the 70's to the Twin Towers era consisting Of Duncan and Robinson nearly 10 years ago, this club has always had a winning attitude. Some considered the teams recent run a dynasty, a claim which is hard to dispute. The club has had 3 NBA MVP awards won by their players, one by David Robinson in '95, and two by Tim Duncan ('02 and '03); Truly a club with a tradition of victory and a success. Could we be on the verge of witnessing the teams 5th championship year? Possibly, they sure do look unstoppable to this point, I know most NBA fans are excited to see how it plays out. If your from San Antonio and you've been a Spurs fan forever, or you just like the team for what they are now, don't be afraid to show your support. The NBA needs some lovin too, so we don't see the realization of the feared lockout next year. Find your Spurs gear at the link posted below. Happy Saturday everyone!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Gettin' Hot in Herrrrr

Today on The Fitted Diaries, we take a better look at the team which some experts picked to beat the Bulls record for wins in a season this year, The Miami Heat. The Heat, originally an expansion team for the league in 1988, along with the Charlotte Hornets who were featured a couple days ago, have had a decent amount of success in their short history. In their 22 seasons to this point, the club had captured 7 division titles, 1 conference title, and an NBA Championship in 2006 with the great Shaq-Diesel. Now that we've got all that noise out of the way, lets talk about the present and the future. In this past off season, as most of us know, the Heat seemingly had a personality disorder and confused themselves with Team USA. A statement such as this is justifiable as they wrangled stars like LeBron James and Chris Bosh to run the floor with established Heat Star Dwyane Wade. What looked on paper to be potentially the greatest team of all time has gotten off to a somewhat auspicious beginning. After last nights outburst of 38 points by "King James" against his old club the Cavs, many believe they will start to roll with ease. Only time will tell for sure, but it promises to be an entertaining trip along the way. Find all your heat gear including caps at the link below. Whether your with them or against them, you can't argue the fact that there awfully talented and may be the closest any of us will get to reliving  the Bulls teams of the early 1990's.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Last Stand for a Franchise

Today here at TFD we feature not only for the first time a cap that isn't made by the New Era Cap Company, but we feature the only NBA team to ever start a season 0-18. This Reebok cap, which was limited in production to 1600, is designed in honor of the New Jersey Nets. The Nets, as some of us know, are in their final 2 seasons in the great state of New Jersey, and clearly have no intentions of looking back. I may be one of the few people in this world that will honestly admit that they will miss them. Sure, I'm aware they do not have an NBA Championship, and they only have two Eastern Conference Championships, but dammit, this was my team. If there is anyone out there, who agrees with me in the sense that tearing a franchise from the roots and moving them is just wrong, please comment on this post. It doesn't necessarily need to be the Nets, any team works. The Sonics, The Baltimore Colts decades ago, The Montreal Expos, any team. We all know this thing called sports is a business at the end of the day, but you can't pick who you love, and who loves ya back. The cap featured has a navy blue brim, a white crown, and a navy blue back. On the front, the NBA font logo is shown with the Nets logo displayed on the inside. Get your New Jersey Nets gear while its hot, it'll be all gone before you know it.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jurassic Dunks

Today's installment on the blog features the lone Canadian NBA team. The Toronto Raptors are the only team north of the US border after the departure of the Vancouver (now Memphis) Grizzlies in 2001. These two franchises were originally meant to be a mainstay in Canada for years to come, but basketball just didn't catch on as well in Vancouver. In any event, the Raptors are in their 15th season of NBA competition and their tenth in the beautiful Air Canada Centre. Prior to 1999, the Raptors played their home games in the Toronto Blue Jays venue the Rogers Centre. Playing in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference is no easy feat for any franchise, let alone a new one. This being the case the team struggled early on, until the arrival of Vinsanity, Vince Carter. As soon as the North Carolina shooting guard showed up, so did fans, and victories. The team found themselves in the playoffs in three of carters first six seasons. since then, the club has won one division title in 2006-2007, but has still yet to win a conference or NBA title. The recent departure of Raptor favorite Chris Bosh to Miami has left the team faceless, and in need of a new leader. Roster players such as Andrea Bargnani, and recently acquired Peja Stojakovic seem to be the call to the need, only time will tell if they will be the answer. Find all your Raptors gear at the link below, and come back tomorrow to see what exciting team will be featured. See you all then!

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