Monday, October 20, 2014

Collectors Corner with Reagan Lee

     Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder; it's one of the greatest parts of life. Everyone has a different view of the world and everything in it. Whereas all New Era collectors and fans can appreciate the companies fine products through their website, in a store, or on the streets via someone else's style, Reagan Lee has been offering his perspective through his game-changing fitted photography. Let's take a minute to delve deeper into the creative genius from the Down Under.

TFD: Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

RL: I'm an Aussie residing in the North-West suburbs of Sydney. 

TFD: What size New Era Cap do you wear?

RL: This is a never-ending battle with the hat marks across my forehead, as I'm between a 7 and a 7 1/8, so most caps either need stretching or shrinking. 

TFD: Do you have a current count of your collection?

RL: Yep. If I counted correctly, I should have 156 in hand, with a bunch of others coming from Team Fitted friends. 

TFD: What is your favorite fitted that you own?

RL: You've got me there! That may have to be a close call between the Monopoly 500, for its sweet, minimalist logo design, with a funky Monopoly cash brim, or my Blue Jays pixelated stadium exclusive, for its simplicity, and pixels having a soft spot with me, having grown up with the old school PC games, like Quake II. (Thanks to @disneynorth for this one!) 

TFD: Along with being a fantastic collector, you are perhaps, more well known for your incredible photography of New Era Caps. Where do you draw your inspiration from, when shooting?

RL: Initially, it stemmed from the fact that I love my caps, but I only have one head; I can't logically carry them all with me, either, so, I decided to keep a nice archive of images on my e-devices. Each time I enter a shoot, I prepare by researching ideal locations of what I find relates to the New Era culture; for example, urban locations and graffiti. In saying that, I'm very open to branching out to other settings, such as nature and retro, should it fit with a particular cap and helps showcase it nicely with a frame.

TFD: How long have you been involved in photography?

RL: I've been into photography since I was in school over a decade ago. I took it seriously and earned a degree in graphic design and photography from a university, back in 2008. The funny thing is that I currently work for a photographic retailer, so I am able to stay up to date with all the new products. 

TFD: Being from Australia, what sports would you say you are a fan of?

RL: I like the NRL (National Rugby League), but my heart lies with basketball (the NBA), and football (the NFL). I am a huge Olympics buff, too, so once every four years I'll drop off the face of the planet, for two weeks!

TFD: What are your favorite teams

RL: NRL: Parramatta Eels (my local team.)
       NBA: Chicago Bulls (I will NEVER forget the Jordan era.)

TFD: If you had to name one, where is THE PLACE to shop for caps, in your neck of the woods?

RL: Like they say, a magician never shares his secrets ;)

TFD: You are the man 100% behind the Team Fitted Secret Santa organized event, this winter. Care to discuss that a little bit?

RL: The idea stemmed from a conversation, initiated by @tanxican. We were discussing how it would be a neat idea to have an event, such as this, to encourage a sense of community, and allow people to bond with someone whom they normally wouldn't chat with, otherwise. I had the privilege to experience Secret Santa with another community (Threadless) in the past, and I thought it would be perfect for Team Fitted.

TFD: What is your favorite part about the whole process?

RL: So far, it would be seeing others make the effort to discover more about their recipient. Though, I think my favorite part is yet to come; seeing people unbox on Christmas Day, and having them post pictures for the rest to see. There should be some good smiles and laughs coming out of that. 

TFD: Do you plan on creating group events in the future? There could be a lot of potential. Perhaps a "birthday club" type scenario?

RL: There's definitely potential for many events, as we're grown, responsible adults, for the most part! We'll see how the first big test pans out, but never say never!

TFD: What do you like most about the fitted community?

RL: Without a doubt, it's peoples' willingness to help each other out, with obtaining caps that would otherwise be impossible to get! People are also nice and respectful, which is a rare trait found in online communities, these days. 

TFD: Are there any "Holy Grail" fitteds that you are searching for, that some of our readers might be able to help you out with?

RL: I think I've been fortunate to have obtained most, thanks to Team Fitted. The one that has eluded me is the Cheshire Cat; well, at least a legitimate one. Sadly, every single one on eBay is fake.

TFD: Lastly, if our viewers would like to follow you and/or your photography, where should they look?

RL: I am most active on Instagram, @madhattereags , but viewers may also check out all my photos, to date, uncropped, in their full glory, at . Links to my Twitter and Facebook are there, also. 

     Thanks, everyone!

-Matt Aballi
Twitter: @MattAballi
Instagram: matt_aballi