Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day 2011

Yes folks, finally IT is back. OPENING DAY! Baseball once again enters our homes and hearts for another season. Today, we are all in first place despite whatever team we have rooted for our entire lives. Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Seattle, Oakland, it doesn't matter what the past is; this could be your year! Not only do we look forward to the fun of going to games with friends, or the tailgating some of us take part in before rivalry series, but it is realistically also a day for family. Today serves as a tradition for some, to share with brothers, cousins, and of course fathers. Whether you're taking off today to catch a game, have MLB.TV so you can see the action you absolutely can't miss, or are going to sacrifice your time to actually miss the games, it is officially time to get excited. The balls being smashed with the crack of a bat, the smell of the freshly cut grass, and the memorable sounds of the vendors pitching their products and even the dull roar of the crowd before an outbreak of a great play; these are the things we look forward to, and now they're back. If these are the things that get you all warm and tingly inside, then this might as well be Christmas. On the rundown today we have Yankees vs. Tigers, Braves vs. Nationals, Reds vs. Brewers, Angels vs. Royals, Cardinals vs. Padres, and Giants vs. Dodgers. Despite whether or not these are teams you love, take in a little bit of a game, or catch the highlights on ESPN tonight. Opening Day just wouldn't be Opening Day without it. In honor of the great Jack Norworth, Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

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