Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back From The Basement

WE ARE...ST. JOHN'S! Yes everyone, that's the rally cry of the loyal St. John's basketball fan base around the queens campus where I was this morning; On posters in windows, banners on the walls and t-shirts, this slogan and the school pride and passion that go with it are EVERYWHERE. It truly is a great feeling to see the campus and the student body, let alone all of New York, really embrace this team and the remarkable season they are enduring. It has been a while since they have even been a factor in the very tough Big East Conference. This season the team has beaten several of the country's top teams, some of which are: Duke, UConn, Pitt, and Notre Dame. Admittedly, this is something that is new to me since the team hasn't been very good the past three seasons; that has not stopped the amount of alumni who have told me about the good times with Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, and Bill Wennington. This is more a renaissance for the program than a successful outbreak due to their terrific history. Their first game of the NCAA Tournament is Thursday, March 17th against Gonzaga. Hopefully they can step up and "DO IT FOR D.J." in honor of the fallen senior leader who has been here since the teams dark days in 2008. Only time will tell, but until then LET'S GO JOHNNIES! The cap featured has a red brim, black crown, and the interlocking S T J on the front for all to see. The road to the Final 4 stats Thursday, lets get em boys!

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