Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A mascot named "Rocky Bluewinkle"?...I smell rip off NBC

BASEBALL STARTS THURSDAY! Now that we've gotten that little nugget of information out of the way, welcome to the blog. Today, were keeping it in the realm of the minor leagues and featuring the Wilmington Blue Rocks. The Blue Rocks, who feature a mascot named "Rocky Bluewinkle", are located in Wilmington Delaware. The club plays in the Northern Division of the Carolina League in class level advanced-A baseball. The team originated, and has stayed in the same city since its humble beginnings in 1993. The only real changes have been different logo sets, and affiliated Major League teams. The Royals were their parent club from 1993-2004, then the Red Sox took over from 2005-2006, followed by Kansas City from 2007 up until now. The club, which plays in Daniel S. Frawley Stadium, has claimed 4 division and league titles (some in separate seasons). Judy Johnson field at Frawley Stadium is a 6,500 plus seat facility, which has been open to the public since 1992, also serves as the Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame. The franchise has seen multiple Major League rookies of the year pass through the roster such as Angel Berroa and Carlos Beltran. The club claims an AL Cy Young winner in Zack Grienke, and a World Series champion in Jacoby Ellsbury. Theres surely nothing to be "blue" about when your a member of the club, the franchise has seen over 100 players reach the show in its history. The cap above features a sky blue brim and crown, featuring the Johnny Bluewinkle blowing steam and looking fierce. The cap can be found here at lids: http://www.lids.com/MiLB/Wilmington-Blue-Rocks/20213264 . See you all tomorrow, and keep reading!

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shelby.norris@gmail.com said...

Not a bad hat. I feel that the Carolina Blue is kinda played out now. I see it too many places.