Sunday, November 7, 2010

2nd rate

Remember when you were a kid, and you would always let your little brother win sometimes so they wouldn't feel bad? Well, anyway today's featured cap is that of the New York Mets. The Metropolitans, which are a hybrid offspring of the Giants and Dodgers from when they vacated NYC for Cali, head into their 49th season in 2011. The Mets are a franchise whom spent the 5th most on contracts this past season, and only managed a record of 79-83. Though this team has been deemed lovable loser more than once, I feel that their fans deserve much more than they get. The team of late has looked solid in April, and yet somehow has been reduced to a AA roster by July. In their history, the team has captured 4 NL pennants and 2 World Series titles; results which render the nick name of "The Amazins" somewhat evasive. In any event, maybe this somewhat under performing team will finally wake up and smell the proverbial bacon with new General Manager Sandy Alderson. Alderson, who had success in Oakland 20 or so years ago as a GM knows what winning is all about. Unfortunately he wont have Canseco, McGwire, or steroids to help this time around. Next up on the to do list of the Mets is to find a manager. Taking this job would be like begging for an STD, and personally I can't think of many who are interested in that. This cap, which features a black crown, brim, and an interlocking NY on the face can be found at the link below. Good luck Mets, your gunna need it.

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