Thursday, November 4, 2010

This ship wont sink

Today's cap is that of the Columbus Clippers of Minor League Baseball. This cap I picked up on my first trip to Ohio when I was 16, during the 2005 season. At that time, the Clippers were affiliated with The New York Yankees. Upon my visit, I watched players such as Ramiro Mendoza, Andy Phillips, and a young Robinson Cano. While in Cooper Stadium, all I could think and feel was the history of the historic ball park. These were grounds that had seen some of the most cherished players of my youth such as Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Jorge Posada. As far as I was concerned it was essentially a breeding grounds for excellence. As I sat in the old stadium, seemingly industrial as was the city it resided, I almost heard the echoes of a time ago which held a resonance of pride. The Clippers won the game against the Charlotte Knights as I watched with awe speculating who would be the next Yankee great in this sea of infinite talent. Former Pinstriper Bucky Dent shook hands with his players following the victory with a sense of pride and expectation of success. The team is now an affiliate of the Cleveland Indians and has a different logo set at this point in time, but the memories of the past will never disappear. This cap has a navy blue crown and brim, with a Cursive C encircling a large Sailboat with baseball seam sails. A classic Cap, a great tradition, and a fantastic memory. The current cap of the clippers can be found below, enjoy!

Find the new Columbus Clippers cap here:

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