Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yeah. We have uniforms and everything, it's great.

Today's cap features a team that quite possibly may be more known for a 1989 Charlie Sheen comedy, than for their actual history. This is the cap that the Cleveland Indians wore during a three season span between 1974 and 1977. In those three seasons at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the tribe experienced some highs and some lows, but none more notable than the night of the the infamous ten cent beer night. On June 4th in 1974 team management conjured up a scheme to draw a larger crowd than normal due to low attendance issues. The plot: sell 8 ounce beer's for ten cents a cup all night. Sounds like a fun night, but once one or two turned into 47 shit hit the fan. In the ninth inning the surely intoxicated crowd crossed the line as one fan jumped onto the field in efforts to steal a Texas Rangers' fitted cap off of his head. As this occurred, Rangers players came in defense of their teammate with baseball bats in hand, as a sea of fans stormed the field with knives, chains, and pieces of stadium seats. As the smoke cleared, it was clear to see that this was not going to be an annual promotional event in years to come. The Indians have had an interesting history along the way, this event included, but seemingly can't find their way to winning the World Series. The last time they participated in it was in 1997 against the Marlins in which they lost, but have not won since 1948. Some of The Tribes most notable alumni are Lary Doby, Bob Feller, and Bob Lemon. All greats in their own right, but the club has not had many of recent to speak of. Maybe upper management will wake up and make some moves to get a name worth knowing in the lineup, and make headlines of their owns and not fiasco's at the ball park. Check out the current arsenal of Indian caps below.

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that is not the cap the Tribe wore from 1974 to 1977.