Saturday, November 6, 2010

Eh, How bout dem Jays

Today, we have a throwback classic from the Toronto Blue Jays. This is the cap the team wore in the mid 90's to the 2000's. I picked this beauty up while on my first trip to Toronto 6 years ago. I had been in the area to watch the Yankees play, and to possibly see right fielder Gary Sheffield hit his 400th career home run. Upon my arrival in the city, we became engulfed in the shadow of the grand structure that is the Skydome. Now it's known as The Rogers Centre, but none the less the "epicness" remains. The Skydome is a football and baseball facility which was opened in 1989 and seats up to 54,000 on a full night. It is a signature point of the Toronto skyline and can bee seen from miles away. While in the Golden Horseshoe (Toronto's nickname), I watched as the Yankees won both games I attended as Mr. Sheffield hit his milestone 400th bomb. A really cool part of the city is the CN Tower. Its a space needle type structure that allows you to see all of Toronto from the top, and down into the Rogers Centre on a day when the roof is open. Great trip, great city, decent baseball team. The fitted above has a blue crown, blue brim, and a Blue Jay head with a red maple leaf in the background. Chances of finding this fitted around aren't very good, but I'll link a Ebay search on the bottom of this post. Have a great Saturday night, and come back tomorrow. Peace!

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