Tuesday, November 30, 2010

40 Years of Pain

Today we have a cap which represents a team in LA which many consider second rate...and with good reason. The Los Angeles Clippers are one of two NBA franchises in the southern region of California. The other of course is the mighty Laker franchise which claims 17 NBA titles. The Clippers, which had humble beginnings on the East Coast as the Buffalo Braves, and then later moved to San Diego before their final destination have had little to no success in their existence. In 40 season on competition, the club has never won a division title, never won a conference title, and certainly never won an NBA Championship. In their history, the club only claims 6 winning seasons, the best of which was the 2005-2006 year when the team finished a meager 47-35. Throughout the years and somewhat frequent nomadic status, the team has had 6 different home arenas, and are currently sharing the Staples Center with the afore mentioned Lakers. Kinda makes you ask why not just can the franchise and start over...oh well. Two of the more notable players in the teams history are center Bob McAdoo and center Bill Walton (as his career came to an end),both of which their numbers have been risen to the rafters into retirement. Poor season after poor season, the Clippers racked up picks in the higher end of the draft and now they present a roster worth some optimism. Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, and Eric Bledsoe seemingly represent the future of the club and hold all if any hope in their hands. The Clips are a lackluster 3-15 at this point of the season, but with the performance of those three players of note as of late, success is unavoidable. Keep you heads up Clipper fans, brighter days are ahead. The cap featured, has a blue brim and crown with the NBA man logo on the rear. Centered on the front is the Clippers cursive font logo, with a smaller logo featured inside. You can find all your Clipper gear at the link below, don't be afraid to show your love.

Clippers gear: http://clippersstore.com/

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