Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today's cap post is in honor of the AAA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, The Las Vegas 51's. The Franchise was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1983 as the Las Vegas Stars. That name stuck around for 17 years until the 2001 season when they decided on a name change to the 51's. The 51's is of course a payment of homage to the area 51 controversial governmental site that may or may not really exist, oh man. So this team, which is bases on a controversial theory which speculators say is an area where alien lifeforms and technology is investigated, is represented by a mascot which shares likeliness to the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks. As if this whole thing wasn't funny enough, the teams home fitted, shown above, features a blue crown, a blue brim, and an alien head shaded gray with baseball stitching lining the cranium. The 51's play there home games at Cashman Field, which seats just above 9,000 fans. The team has won 8 division titles and 2 league titles in their history, but none since 2002. I picked up this other-worldly fitted at the afore mentioned Cashman Field this past summer on a west coast trip. Overall, I love the cap, enjoy the joking nature of the whole team name, but don't think it will ever help their concentration in pursuit of a title. Good luck 51's and may the force be with you! (Tacky? Sorry bout that)

The cap can be found here: in the team shop area.

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