Wednesday, October 13, 2010

True Blue Brew Crew

Todays cap if the alternate and throwback fitted of the Milwaukee Brewers. This cap, along with the corresponding uniforms, was worn from 1978-1993. The franchise we now know as the Milwaukee Brewers first started on the west coast in the state of Washington as the Seattle Pilots. After that venture became an imminent failure, the team moved East to Wisconsin and set up shop in Milwaukee. The town needed a team after the Braves left for Atlanta in 1966, and businessman Allan Bud Selig was more than happy to take a chance on the lowly pilots. The team's new team name was chosen due to the multiple breweries in the area which produced beer such as Miller. The Brewers then moved to the AL East, from the West, and stayed in the AL until 1997 when they moved to the NL Central where they still play today. The Brewers have captured an AL East and a league pennant in 1982, an NL Wild Card Berth in 2008, but have still yet to achieve the ultimate goal of winning a World Series. This cap, which features a blue crown, blue brim, and a glove shaded blue, white, and yellow (which is actually an M on top of a B), I picked up at Miller Park the home of the Brewers last summer on a visit. You can find this cap on the website of the Brewers, or the Lids website which I have linked below. When teams bring back throwback logos and colors, it's sometimes a mistake; this is not one of those cases. The Brewers brought back a true classic, and made the right choice by doing so. check out the link, and go rep a classic!

The fitted can be found here:

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