Friday, October 1, 2010

Deadly Venom

This fitted is somewhat of a throwback. The team you know, the colors you may not. The Arizona Diamondbacks have been a Major League Baseball franchise since the 1998 season in which MLB expanded the number of franchises from 28 to 30. Also included in this expansion was the Tampa Bay team we now know as the Rays. The Diamondbacks, whose color scheme is now recognized as red, black, sand, and white, originally wore uniforms composed of purple, copper, and turquoise such as in the cap shown. The new franchise, who play their home games at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. made it to the World Series, and even beat the New York Yankees in only their fourth season. The cap shown has a purple crown and brim, featuring a letter A designed to appear like the skin of the diamondback snake and is shaded turquoise, copper, and black.  After the brief period of success, they regressed significantly resulting in a need for change following the 2006 season. Starting in April 2007 the franchise began sporting the Red, black, sand, and white. I picked up this cap at Cap City in West New York, New Jersey as well as a few of my others. The link to find it is posted below. Some former D-Backs include Luis Gonzalez, Tony Womack, Randy Johnson, and Curt Schilling.

You can find this cap here: , if its not available slither on over to Google and search for it.

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