Thursday, December 6, 2012

Q & A with The Cohen Brothers of Stown LTD.

 One of the most appreciated talents in the world is artistic creativity. The tangible presentation of the inner-workings of the mind for all to see is something we often marvel at. When it's something great, we all develop a desire for it. Original works of art are often extremely pricey and frangile; 2 big reasons which might prevent you from displaying these works, or buying them to begin with. What if you could own and display great art without having to worry about it losing value? Seem too good to be true? Well, not quite.

With the fore mentioned in mind, Brandon and Spencer Cohen, of Long Island, New York, have started Stown LTD. ; a graffiti inspired streatwear company. The unique and eye opening designs come from Spencer, as Brandon handles the marketing and sales aspects of the brand. Together, they have embarked on a journey of outfitting the world with culture and inspiration. 

The following is the Q and A The Fitted Diaries conducted with the brothers earlier this week: 

TFD: Would you call yourself a sports enthusiast? If so, what are your favorite sports/teams? 

SL: Not particularly, but I have love for all New York teams!

TFD: Do you have a fitted collection of your own? If so, how many do you own? 

SL: I have an extensive hat collection to say the least. I have about 5 new era boxes filled. I haven't counted how many hats I have recently, but I would say upwards of 100.

TFD: What was your first fitted? 

SL: It was a navy blue Yankee fitted.

TFD: What would you say is your favorite fitted? 

SL: My favorite fitted is the first hat we ever put out. We refer to it as the OG Stown Fitted. It’s an all-black hat with teal accents and a green under brim. It Features a Medusa like face in yellow, which has evolved into our signature logo. I would love to bring these hats back in future.

TFD: For those who do not know, what is Stown LTD? 

SL: Stown LTD. is a Graffiti inspired streetwear brand whose goal is to create wearable art & inspire everyone our brand reaches. It was started by two brothers from Long Island, New York July of 2011.

TFD: What type of products do you offer? 

SL: We offer fitted hats, snapbacks, clothing, jewelry, and are working on a line of toys. We are however known best for our hats! We’ve put out 4 different New Era Caps to date. We’re about to produce our second run of Zephyr hats. We will be having one of our most exciting products to date coming out soon, which is a fitted hat through Grassroots California.

TFD: Where can the products be purchased?  

SL: You can also check out some of our gear at Karmaloop’s website for independent brands & Select Stown LTD. from the drop down.

TFD: Spencer, what would you say you use for inspiration as a designer/artist? 

SL: I Love art, graffiti and all types of weird shit. I find inspiration in my friend’s reactions when I drop something new to keep putting out something that was doper than the last time. Seeing people rock my hats is the best reward.

TFD: What made you decide to start Stown LTD? 

SL: I started as an artist. I always tried selling my artwork and always found it to be a pain in the ass to go through the motions, and not sell dick as an un-established young artist. At the end of the day I found myself frustrated and underselling my work. At this point I decided I had to apply my artwork to a different medium. At the time, hats were becoming insanely popular, so we took a shot and tried to get some New Era hats made. The rest is history.

TFD: What do you see as the next step for the company? 

SL: I envision the next step for our company to be getting stocked in some influential brick & mortar retail locations. Having an exclusive product is great; at the same time it’s crucial to our evolution as a brand to continue to develop a strong customer base and following.

If you haven't heard of their work before, do yourself a favor and check out the links in this post. Definitely something worth looking into, that will more than likely leave you hooked. 



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