Sunday, December 2, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Jets Sideline Cap

It should be no surprise to anyone at this point of the year that the New York Jets are having a...less than stellar season in the NFL. It is what it is. We, as fans, can't do anything about it, and we're just passengers of pain along for the ride (New York Jets Fan-Code Affidavit). 

That being said, let me introduce the Breast Cancer Awareness New Era NFL Sideline Cap for the fore mentioned New York Jets. This year marks the first year of New Era's outfitting partnership with the NFL, in which they are executing to perfection from most fans point of view. They have been great looking caps that represent each of the franchises, with a 59/50 fit that we all know and love. This specific cap that was released for all October games this year. It's marketed like any other New Era Cap with the size sticker and the league authenticated merchandise sticker, but has a third of a different variety. Located on the left side of the brim is a pink sticker reminding all of the pandemic of breast cancer. The sticker urges all to visit where you can bid on and buy "Pink" items where proceeds go to cancer research, schedule a yearly mamogram, and even learn about the disease. This is truly a great effort and partnership with the American Cancer Society by the NFL and New Era which I commend them both on. 

I know fashion is fashion, and a lot of people will probably just buy it for the unique colorway of gray and pink, but please remember there is a greater cause here of which you can wear the cap with pride.

The cap shown above has a gray crown, with the New York Jets logo front and center where the normally green areas are now highlighted in pink. The top and bottom of the brim is pink, and on the reverse of the cap, the breast cancer pink ribbon is centered with the NFL shield overlapping. 

You can help support and buy caps and other merchandise for your favorite franchise in support Breast Cancer Awareness HERE

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Hat is so so. Great cause. Team is really bad.