Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Many tedious hours of detail

Yes folks, it's real...and in Sharpie. The one of a kind fitted is the adaptation of the Lakewood BlueClaws alternate fitted. The freehand design was painstakingly handcrafted by personal friend and artist Niloy Shah. Niloy and I met as roomates two years ago, and immediately struck common ground in both of our passions for fitted New Era caps. I noticed in his collection there were designs drawn on them, much simpler than the one on the BlueClaws cap shown, but similar in structure. Once I had uncovered the artist to be himself, I knew I had to have one. After some begging, and compensation through a few dinners, My hat had begun to be designed. 18 hours later, we have the cap shown above. Within the inlay of the design, we see many unique detail assets unique to my requests and personality. On the front, we have a 24 which is my favorite number, and the number of Robinson Cano my favorite Yankee player. There is also a bowling pin on the cap wearers left on the front panel, signifying one of my passion which is bowling. On the left side of the cap, there is a bowling ball with "AMF" tagged on it. On the back of the cap, which I may say is my favorite section of the fitted, displays the Fleur-de-lis. This is significant due to my adoption from the state of Louisiana years ago. Also, my name in Arabic is written out on the lower right side, due to my fathers origins from which I get my last name. Finally on the cap wearers right side, we conclude our tour of customization. If you look close enough, you can see the artists tag, as he left his initials "NRS" small in the middle. Most importantly, my home state has been given a shout out as "JERSEY" has been included in the inlay of the intricate design scheme. The cap was designed with three fine tip Sharpies, using the colors red, blue, and black. You could stare at this cap for hours, and see something new every time. Wearable are has never seemed so fun, as you are sure to get questions and looks of interest every time you take to the streets with this cap on your head. The plain cap, which served as Niloy Shah's canvas, can be purchased at the official Lakewood BlueClaws team store HERE. Hope you enjoyed this one, it really is a treasure to me as a cap collector. 


shelby.norris@gmail.com said...

I can apreciate the craftmanship, but not my cup of tea.

CodyDaniels28 said...

if only the artist put as much effort into all his products like he did with this...but overall amazing fitted